Top 420 Friendly Vacation Destinations 2023

April 24, 2023

For those who enjoy marijuana as a hobby, cannabis consumption is often a consistent part of their lives. For many, it can be frustrating to travel to new places for vacation and not be able to enjoy cannabis on the trip. Vacations are a lot less fun when you’re limited or completely prohibited from relaxing with your favorite hobby!

The good news is that many cities from across the world serve as hotspots for the marijuana enthusiast. You won’t need to stress about legality or accessibility in these locations, and you will even get to try local cannabis specialties that you can’t get anywhere else. Here are some of the top 420 friendly vacation destinations to add to your list in 2023.

Seattle, Washington

Travelers whose primary concern is whether they will continue to have access to their medical marijuana can consider Seattle as an ideal destination. The city’s tolerance of physician-prescribed cannabis use has greatly expanded in recent years.

Almost all types of cannabis consumption in Washington state have been purged of criminal penalties, so people can partake relatively freely. Just be sure to be respectful to those around you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Across the pond, Amsterdam remains one of the top international destinations for marijuana enthusiasts. The city boasts cannabis-specific coffee shops with comprehensive menus where you can order and then smoke right in the shop itself.

Naturally, recreational marijuana is legal in the Netherlands. Once you’ve enjoyed your new cannabis variants, you can explore the lush foliage of the city, take in its architecture and visit museums or other excursions that appeal to you.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If marijuana is the primary focus of your vacation, you’ll want to travel to a place where the product is affordable and widely available. Few places beat Colorado Springs in this regard. The state is one of the cheapest places in the entire U.S. to purchase marijuana, with an ounce coming in at around $240.

The city caters to cannabis tourism with specialized activities, such as creating “pothead pottery” that is relevant to marijuana enthusiasts. Check out The Painter’s Pot for just one example.

The Algarve, Portugal

Few countries boast as free a stance on recreational drugs as Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs at the turn of the century. This, of course, means that marijuana is freely accepted, and within the country, there’s no better place to enjoy it than the Algarve.

This natural southern space is riddled with soft beaches, clear water and an average of 300 sunny days per year, making it ideal as a vacation destination that’s safe for as much 420 consumption as you’d like.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is friendly toward its cannabis tourists, and the state legalized recreational marijuana within the last few years. Now, you can find plenty of activities targeted toward marijuana enthusiasts. Those who would like an elevated experience can try a private chef-crafted, cannabis-infused dining opportunity among many other options.

Negril, Jamaica

While it’s important to note that marijuana is not technically legal in Jamaica, this country is a powerhouse behind the hobby’s innovation. The culture supports consumption as long as it is done discreetly and out of people’s way. High-quality cannabis is bred and cultivated almost everywhere, and locals can point you toward places where you can find unique and exciting products to try.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is yet another state that has taken the steps to legalize recreational marijuana over the past five years. Fairbanks is an ideal location to take advantage of this, as you can freely consume marijuana while enjoying the sights and experiences that are unique to our northern neighborhood. The northern lights, relaxing hot springs, snowy resorts and the great outdoors are just the beginning.

Check Out High-Quality Dispensaries in Your Area

Traveling and enjoying marijuana don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Many places around the world not only accept cannabis use but actively encourage and support it. Remember that no matter where you choose to travel, you will not be able to bring your cannabis items with you.

Always be sure to check local laws so that you can understand your responsibilities. Locations that have legalized recreational use still do not typically permit the transport of marijuana across state lines or in certain quantities or weights, so use discretion for the best results.

If you’re not quite ready to break out and make that trip, you can still enjoy high-quality and exciting cannabis products from local dispensaries. At Pure Oasis, we love supporting our local community with a robust collection of marijuana strains and the equipment you’ll need. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you enjoy the cannabis hobby, or stop by to see what we have on offer.

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