Best Cannabis Tourism in the US

December 19, 2022

beautiful marijuana cannabis leaf on the us flag and grass with lens illuminationCannabis is one of the most popular plant-based drugs worldwide. More than 150 million people smoke cannabis on a regular basis, with 18% of the American population reporting that they have used cannabis at least once in their life.

Cannabishas a long history of controversy and legality issues. However, in recent years, 37 states have legalized the use of cannabis for either medical only use, or both medical and recreational use.

As cannabis continues its rapid legalization across the U.S., people are flocking to legal cannabis states to find the best cannabis experience. Legalization, and the subsequent liberty to consume cannabis in a variety of forms, has resulted in a cannabis tourism industry boom.

What Is Cannabis Tourism?

Public perceptions of cannabis have witnessed a dramatic shift over the past few years. It became particularly popular during the coronavirus pandemic. The steps toward decriminalization, as well as legalization, of cannabis have given way to a new sector in the tourism industry: cannabis tourism.

Enthusiasts from across the globe, and even within the United States, plan their vacations to regions where cannabis is legal. Cannabis tourists often do this in order to experience a new kind of ‘vacation high.’ A survey of 1,500 American travelers revealed that tourists and travelers are more interested in places that offer legal cannabis and cannabis-related activities.

Best Cannabis Tourism Spots In The United States

scientist holding fresh marijuana leaves with a blurred background the cannabis plantIf you’re a cannabis enthusiast who loves to travel and discover new experiences, the following are the U.S. states that need to be on your travel list:

1. Portland, Oregon

Oregon is well-known for its weed industry; it was also the first state in the United States to legalize the possession of a limited amount of cannabis in 1973. It has become a leading state for the cannabis and recreational marijuana industry.

Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge is something that you don’t want to miss. It is a two-hour session that allows people to enjoy edible cannabis with unique strains. They also host a variety of cannabis beverages that attendees can take with vape draws of cannabis. The whole cannabis experience is carried out under professional budtenders.

You can find various dispensaries in Portland to purchase your desired cannabis products. Touring companies in Portland offer exciting private party bus tours where you can smoke weed joints with your friends and engage with others who share your love for cannabis.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has tons of fun things to do, which might already be on your bucket list. Los Angeles is a cannabis-rich state with plenty to offer. On your trip to Los Angeles, visiting Cannabis Supper Club is a must; they have one of the finest dining experiences with great cannabis strains. Their specialty combines the high-quality strains in their food and serves it luxuriously to offer an unmatched one-of-a-kind experience.

After the legalization of cannabis in past years, the Los Angeles cannabis industry has significantly evolved and now hosts many dispensaries. You can buy your favorite cannabis strains and visit famous tourist spots like Wisdome’s immersive art park and LA beach boardwalks.

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

legalization in us marijuana or cannabisMichigan legalized recreational cannabis in 2020. Soon after, many cannabis producers obtained their licenses for dispensaries. Ann Arbor has the most number of cannabis dispensaries in entire Michigan.

Ann Arbor has poured significant efforts into cannabis legalization; the city also hosts the “Ann Arbor Hash Bash” rally to support the cannabis culture. The rally celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 2, making it one of the oldest cannabis legalization struggles with a massive number of pro-cannabis supporters.

You can find music, speakers, and street vendors at the Ann Arbor Hash Bash festival, making it a perfect attraction for tourists who want cannabis and fun activities. Before visiting Ann Arbor, check out the Michigan Cannabis Trial for exciting cannabis news related to Ann Arbor and Michigan.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Since cannabis legalization in Chicago in January 2022, people have stormed the dispensaries for high-quality strains and cannabis edibles. Many dispensaries ran out of stocks due to high demand, particularly Dispensary 33 and Mindy’s, which offer high-quality cannabis products.

legalized cbd oil or medical cannabis in storeYou can find one of the best cannabis with CBD and THC-rich strains in Chicago. After getting strains and cannabis products, you can visit the city’s formal gatherings like Do312’s street fair “Waldos Forever Fest” or enjoy music and live tunes at Lagunitas Taproom.

Nothing beats the thrill of getting high and relaxing at the Millennium park. Or, you can spend your day having fun activities at the Emporium arcade bar with your friends. Tourism and cannabis truly come together in Chicago.

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