The Ultimate Munchie Guide: Best Local Eats Near Our Boston Dispensaries

January 15, 2024

Enjoying cannabis is a fun experience, but most people know that marijuana gives you a strong case of the munchies. Did you eat before partaking? Doesn’t matter—you’ll probably still want a snack!

To get creative, try new local eats next time the munchies strike. Here is a showcase of the top local eateries around Pure Oasis Boston dispensary locations; use this as a guide to satisfying your post- cannabis cravings with delicious and diverse food options. And remember—keep the cannabis to yourself.

While it’s a fun and social hobby, it’s best not to intrude upon restaurant staff with your cannabis. So light up in private and then head out on the town afterward!

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In Dorchester

Dorchester is located south of Boston and is home to plenty of unique and diverse eateries that can cater to palates of any disposition. Try:

Yellow Door Taqueria

This restaurant focuses on Mexican food inspired by the California vibe but with an extra Boston twist. That’s why you’ll find fried seafood tacos among the standard options. Open for breakfast, you can fulfill your taco craving any time of the day.

Ba Le

A thriving Vietnamese community calls Dorchester home, which is why you’ll find so many Vietnamese restaurants in the vicinity—and especially in Boston Little Saigon, the area surrounding Fields Corner.

Ba Le specializes in street food sandwiches and classic bahn mi. Of course, you’ll also have a wide selection of coffee, and the typical check comes to less than $20. A five-minute drive from the Pure Oasis dispensary in Dorchester, Ba Le is an easy stop on your itinerary.


The quintessential munchies food: pizza. If you’re in the market for traditional Italian fare from a wood-fired oven, Molinari’s is the place to be. The chefs here don’t just stick to pizza in their specialty oven; you can also get other savory dishes, such as chicken wings, baked in the same way.


Not everyone wants to chow down on a heavy meal after taking a hit, and Ogawa is a great choice for those looking for lighter fare.

Right down the street from the Pure Oasis dispensary, Ogawa Coffee is the first international branch of this famous Japanese coffee chain. The coffee comes straight from Kyoto, Japan, and you’ll also be able to grab small bites, such as smoked salmon bagels, if you want a snack in addition to your drink.


Downtown Boston is a thriving metro center full of great eats, so there is no shortage of locations to try next time you’re venturing out to a local dispensary. Keep an eye out for:

Neptune Oyster

It wouldn’t be a Boston meal without some kind of seafood, and Neptune Oyster offers delicious lobster classics without the high price. They’re especially famous for their lobster rolls, but of course, you can also try their wide variety of dishes ranging from clam chowder to seafood risotto.

Modern Pastry

If your munchies give you a sweet tooth, try Modern Pastry in the North End. Renowned for their biscotti and cannolis, you’ve got a whole spread to choose from. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just head across the street to Mike’s Pastry, their friendly rival sweet shop.

Kelly’s Roast Beef

Those planning for something more compact and travel-worthy can grab a classic roast beef sandwich for a budget price from Kelly’s Roast Beef. There are multiple locations throughout the city, so pick the one closest to the dispensary you’re visiting—or try a new dispensary on the way!

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A few steps from the Pure Oasis dispensary on Blue Hill Ave, Flames is a Caribbean restaurant bringing tropical flair to the city. Curry and creole flavors abound, and they offer a robust menu of smoothies and desserts in addition to the savory fare.

Given that it’s just a few feet down the road from a dispensary, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient location when those munchies strike.

Get Your Munch on During Your Next Dispensary Visit

If you’re heading out to a local Boston dispensary, plan your route to include some new and exciting eateries while you’re out!

Pure Oasis can be found in multiple locations throughout the greater Boston area, so head to a new spot if you’re up for an adventure or share your favorite hidden gems with friends who haven’t tried them before. Stop by Pure Oasis to stock up on cannabis supplies, then tackle the munchies at any of these awesome local joints.

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