The Best Vaporizers For Cannabis Flower

May 30, 2022

cannabis flower with silver vaporizerAdvances in cannabis vaporizer design have evolved from objects resembling clunky heat guns to Swiss Army knife-like precision. These days, most flower vapes are sold with a concentration mod, while many others are designed with more efficient heating cycles for improved oil expression.

However, some vaporizer designs overlook the primary purpose of herbal vaporization: to heat cannabis to a level between cannabinoid decomposition and volatility and do so in a tasty, pleasant and effective manner.

Let’s look at recommended herbal vaporizers for a superlative expression of cannabis flavor profiles.

Which Vaporizers Are Used For Cannabis Flower?

Vaporizers for cannabis flowers and herbs are known as dry herb vaporizers. Available in a range of sizes and styles, they can create vapor using either convection (indirect heat) or conduction (dry heat).

The latest vaporizers on the market offer surprising new features. These include odor filters, increased battery capacity, refined temperature control options and Bluetooth connectivity.

4 Best Vaporizers For Cannabis Flower

Set aside cheap, gas station vape pens in favor of state-of-the-art devices that respect cannabis’ aromatic nuances and flavors.

Here are the market’s top dry herb vaporizers that you can use for your cannabis flower.

Mr. Hotbox

The Mr. Hotbox is a sophisticated electronic nail (e-nail) beloved by cannabis dabbers. Its novel flower attachment transforms the tethered coil technology and control station into an herbal convection vaporizer.

marijuana vaporizerThe Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Created by inventors and machinists in Washington State, this flameless torch was designed with dabbers in mind.

Mr. Hotbox has a learning curve – it takes some practice and a few bowl packs to get the hang of using it. Once you do, you’ll find that the results are worth the effort. It produces a cool, flavorful vapor that lasts until the final hit. Mr. Hotbox raises the bar for cannabis dabbing flavor retention and enjoyment.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

was designed from the ground up with exclusive technology for the ultimate dab. Most vaporizers in the industry have little or no temperature adjustment features, and are instead set to a constant heat level with an auto-off switch. Achieving a perfect dab with the right temperature is an important but often overlooked feature. For this reason, many dab accessories apply temperature at inconsistent or uneven levels, which doesn’t seem acceptable.

The Boost EVO is the only product with a proprietary, built-in temperature control sensor. Its six temperature settings mean that you can count on your Boost EVO to be reliable every time you use it. Those temperature settings were calibrated based on tens of tens of thousands of customer reviews.

You can’t get more advanced than the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO. It boasts a bespoke quartz dish, adjustable glass, eye-catching RGB ambient lighting and impressively extended battery life.


With its low-resistance draw and simple, straightforward handling, the Tera is one of the most user-friendly top-loading cordless convection vaporizers on the market, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

In terms of convection, flavor and user-friendliness, the Tera is one of the best vaporizers on the market today.

Because of Tera’s ease of battery swapping, water-pipe compatibility, rapid charging and heating and temperature control with a complete digital display, its $200 price tag is an incredible value.

In theory, the Tera could be carried in a purse or a backpack, but it’s too big to fit inside most. If you want mobility refer to some of the other, more compact items on this list.


is a choice product for people who care about the quality of vapor flavor. Arizer’s convection-conduction heating method and interchangeable glass air paths make it a bargain at $100.

arizer argo kitArizer ArGoIt has seven preset temperatures designed to deliver deep flavor. Its design utility makes it easy to maintain – it’s also cordless. The Arizer ArGo features precise temperature control, an LCD panel and the ability to swap in a new battery.

However, it lacks a spare battery replacement and, although cordless, is too large to carry in one’s pocket.

Choose Pure Oasis For Your Next Vaporizer

Cannabis enthusiasts now have the freedom to consume their favorite products in the privacy of their own homes, thanks to expanding legal access across the country. If you are a cannabis user yourself, consider trying these dry herb vaporizers. Their use of convection or conduction to gently heat cannabis creates an aerosol for inhalation. It is a modern and more discreet alternative to bongs.

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