Reasons to Choose the Gelato Cannabis Strain

February 6, 2023

Even if you have enjoyed cannabis for recreational or medical purposes for some time, you probably haven’t tried every strain there is. In fact, there are hundreds (or even thousands, depending on how you count) of marijuana varieties, each with their own unique flavors, effects and uses. Among these, the Gelato strain has risen to consistent popularity and is now the parent of many other popular marijuana types.

If you’ve never tried the Gelato cannabis strain before, it’s worth taking a look at its legendary effects and seeing if it’s right for you. Here are some quick facts to help you make that decision.

Where Did Gelato Come From?

The Gelato strain is a hybrid but Indica-favored variant that was bred from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Sunset Sherbet. Its origin lies in San Francisco, and it’s sometimes called Larry Bird.

Because Sherbet itself comes from Girl Scout Cookies, there’s a bit of doubling up that makes this strain unique and flavorful. Some varieties of Gelato are more evenly hybridized between Sativa and Indica, but most are slightly more forward on the Indica side to capitalize on the strain’s relaxation properties.

The Pleasant Sensory Experience

Gelato breaks the mold when it comes to the stereotypical marijuana experience. While many popular strains like Diesel can produce a skunky or pungent aroma, Gelato is smooth and pleasant, with a mixture of sweet smells (like vanilla and mint) and hints of fruit.

Its creamy finish makes it especially palatable—so hobbyists who haven’t established a THC resilience should be careful how much they’re consuming. Gelato is smooth and enjoyable, which makes it easy to try a bit more than newcomers may be ready for.

A Euphoric Hit

Another reason that many people consider Gelato to be one of their all-time top choices is because of the euphoria that it produces. Thanks to the Sativa contributions in this hybrid, Gelato can range from 17% to 20% or more THC—making it strong enough that a little goes a long way.

The resulting feelings of euphoria leave people motivated and mentally stimulated, which is great for completing tasks or brainstorming ideas. That being said, Gelato’s euphoric peaks also come with deep relaxation, so it’s best used at home.

large gelato cannabis strain bud

The Medical Relaxation

The relaxation aspects of Gelato come from the Indica side, and many people choose this strain as a medical option for pain. Full-body effects are common and tie back to the terpenes in this variety: limonene and myrcene. The limonene itself is part of the euphoric aspect of Gelato, but its ability to modulate your brain’s neurotransmitters makes it useful for reducing stress and helping you relax.

Similarly, myrcene has been used for hundreds of years as a calming element. Together, these terpenes help you escape from stress, anxiety and depression because of the way they work in your brain. Their relaxing effects have seen use as muscle relaxants that slow down spasms, inflammation and headaches. Because of the full-body effects, Gelato is also useful for those who are fatigued or have insomnia.

The sedative effects of Gelato can be so powerful—especially at higher THC concentrations—that it’s recommended you try this strain at home. Do not operate heavy machinery like a car, and plan to just rest and relax with a simple task or hobby after use, especially if it’s your first time trying Gelato.

Try New Cannabis Strains from a Minority-Owned Dispensary

Is the Gelato cannabis strain the right one for you? Sometimes it can be difficult to know for sure. That’s why Pure Oasis continues to work with the local community to educate hobbyists on the safe and enjoyable uses of marijuana. Our team was voted the best dispensary in Boston in both 2020 and 2021, and we were the first recreational dispensary in the city.

We have worked hard to create a user-friendly environment where you can learn everything you need to know about any strain you’re interested in, whether that’s Gelato or something else. Don’t know where to start? Ask a member of our team and take a look at our menus and gradings that provide details on anything from how long you’ll feel the effects of a strain to how quickly those effects arise.

As a Black-owned business, Pure Oasis is a socially conscious dispensary that is happy to guide you through your purchase, whether this is your first experience with cannabis or you’re a regular. Reach out to learn more about Gelato or any other strain that catches your eye, or to get started with an order.

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