Questions To Ask A Budtender Before Buying A Cannabis Cartridge

February 22, 2021

A cannabis cartridge is becoming a more popular way to smoke marijuana. This is because they are incredibly discreet, do not make any mess and are versatile. However, it is important to have all of the facts about cannabis cartridges before deciding if they are right for you. This review highlights important questions to ask a budtender before buying a cannabis cartridge.

What Is A Cannabis Cartridge?

A cannabis cartridge, also called a vape cartridge, is a pre-filled cartridge that is filled with cannabis oil. The most common type of cannabis cartridge is a 510 cartridge. 510 simply refers to the size of the thread that screws into the battery (different sizes may be available as well). A cannabis cartridge typically contains THC, the compound in marijuana that produces the feeling of being high. However, CBD (a different cannabinoid that is not psychoactive) is available in cartridge form as well.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Cannabis Cartridge

Before you purchase a cannabis cartridge from a budtender, be sure you know what kind of high it will give you, the kind of battery that is required to use the cartridge, the amount of grams in each cartridge and what kind of concentrate type is used. This information can help you make an informed decision about whether or not a cannabis cartridge (or another accessory) is right for you. In general, you can learn about the different types of cannabis cartridges, the concentrate options and the batter styles by discussing the carts with a budtender.

What Kind Of High Will This Give Me?

It is important to determine the type of cannabis cartridge you are buying. Most cannabis cartridges are pre-filled with a type of cannabis that contains THC. This psychoactive compound produces the feeling of being “high” that many seek. Many users report feeling more relaxed and happy when they use a cannabis cartridge that contains THC. As mentioned, there has been an increase in CBD cannabis cartridges as well. CBD does not produce a feeling of being high. Instead, this compound is used for a variety of non-recreational purposes, such as to reduce inflammation and treat other minor health or injury-related symptoms.

What Kind Of Battery Is Used For This Cartridge?

There are numerous types of cannabis cartridges. There are different types and sizes of batteries. When discussing carts with a budtender, be sure to inquire about the pros and cons of each battery type. There are different types of materials for your vape cartridge to consider as well. A budtender should be able to answer all of your questions regarding cannabis cartridge types.

One emerging type of battery is the push-button battery. To use a push-button battery, simply press the button five times to power on the cannabis cartridge. The light should begin flashing, which indicates the battery is activated. You then simply push the button as you inhale. There is no smoke and no mess with these types of cartridges. To power the push button battery off, click the button five times.

How Many Grams Are In This Cartridge?

There may be certain pros and cons for different gram levels. The two main types of gram levels for cannabis cartridges are half-gram and full-gram. While some argue that half-gram cartridges are more reliable than full-gram, we have found there to be little noticeable difference between the two. Of course, the benefit to full gram cartridges is you get to double your stash when filling up your cartridge. The debate between half-gram and full-gram is debated, so discussing both options with a budtender can help you make an informed decision as to which is most appropriate for you.

What Is The Kind of Concentrate Type?

The concentrate type makes a difference in your experience with cannabis cartridges. There are two main types of cannabis concentrate types:

  • CO2 – This oil is purer than distillate. It can produce a feeling of being high and is smooth when used with a cannabis cartridge.
  • Distillate – This concentrate type is also a CO2 oil, but it is much more refined than “CO2” concentrate. The hits with distillate concentrate are often reported to be smoother and with more taste.

A budtender can provide you with more information about the different types of concentrate for your cannabis cartridge. There are pros and cons to each option, and understanding more about each one is certainly helpful when choosing your concentrate type.

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