Pre-roll Weed Etiquette

November 13, 2023

Enjoying cannabis can be a fulfilling experience, even more so when lighting up with friends. However, it is possible to engage in unpleasant behaviors that make the people around you feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

This is true of any cannabis product, but it happens often with prerolls due to their ease of use and accessibility. Whether you’re new to cannabis in general or simply new to enjoying the hobby with others, you may feel unprepared or unaware of how to enjoy weed prerolls respectfully.

Here is an overview of preroll weed etiquette and what to keep in mind so that you—and the people around you—can have a positive experience.

Think About Your Surroundings

One of the most important things to remember when enjoying a preroll is that you do not exist in a vacuum. What you do affects the people and structures around you. Are you indoors, where the smell of your cannabis may bother others who did not want to participate?

Are you a guest in someone’s home or car, where marijuana odors may linger on surfaces long after you’re gone? Similar to cigarettes, prerolls produce second-hand smoke (albeit with different chemical compounds), and no one should be pressured to inhale vapors when they don’t want to.

Additionally, think about who is watching; are children around or people uncomfortable with marijuana use? One of the simplest ways to be respectful when consuming prerolls is to alert everyone of what you’re doing and make sure they are on the same page. Do not involve strangers in your hobby because they did not ask to participate.

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Remember Local Regulations

Respectful weed consumption requires that all users abide by local laws and regulations. This includes following the rules on how much cannabis can be transported in public, whether cannabis can be used in public view, and even whether you can exchange money for cannabis among friends.

In most jurisdictions, only licensed retailers may receive compensation for cannabis products. Being respectful of local laws makes you a responsible consumer.

Measure Accurately

Prerolls are simple and convenient, but they are also made for sharing. They’re often simple to cut into smaller pieces that can be split among friends, but be sure to measure accurately. Your friends will rely on you to properly dose their preroll and inform them of its potency based on your knowledge of the product, so be attentive.

Otherwise, you may give your friend a slice that is more powerful than they expected, and they could feel unwell or deceived about how much they were consuming. It is polite to take extra time, if necessary, to be sure that you are accurately measuring your cannabis, whether that means cutting prerolls or weighing the bud before you roll your own.

Keep Tools Clean

Similar to measuring accurately, be sure to keep your cannabis tools clean if you plan to share. Everything from the blade used to cut a preroll to the papers used to wrap it and the implements used to measure the cannabis inside should be kept clean so those you’re sharing with can have a good experience.

No one wants to find lint, dust, or other residues on products they put in their mouth and into their lungs. It is kind to take good care of your accessories for the benefit of your friends.

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Respect Consent

Above all, be sure to respect others when consuming prerolls. Strangers in public cannot consent to be involved in your cannabis experience if you are sitting outside producing smoke clouds they are walking into.

Neighbors, children, pets, and friends may not want to (or be able to consent to) participate if you light up anywhere you want to. As you enjoy prerolls with friends, be compassionate toward others and respect their limits.

Some may only want to partake a little due to personal reasons or their own physical limitations on how they’re feeling. Don’t pressure them, and respect the experience they are having. You can always partake again later or on your own.

Try Prerolls and Other Cannabis Products at a Local Dispensary

Whether you are trying prerolls for the first time or they are a staple in your cannabis hobby, be sure to engage politely with the people around you when enjoying them.

The team at Pure Oasis can help you understand the etiquette surrounding prerolls and other types of cannabis products so that you have the best experience possible. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore the variety of marijuana options available and purchase the accessories you need to level up your experience.

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