How To Properly Store Cannabis Flower

May 3, 2021

Storing cannabis flower properly is the difference between keeping the flowers fresh for weeks on end and ending up with dried-up flowers a few days after you buy it. Locking in the potency and freshness of your cannabis is crucial for getting a consistent smoke each and every time and getting the full value out of your purchases.

When you store your weed properly, it will maintain its crystal-clear appearance, its sticky feel, and its dense and puffy feel. It will also maintain the beautiful brown, green, orange, and purple colors as well as the sparkly trichome coat the buds display.

In this article, we will share some helpful tips on the best options available to properly store and keep your cannabis products fresh and how to tell if your flower is starting to go bad.

Best Ways to Store Cannabis Flower

There are many people out there who grow their own flowers and may need to keep them fresh for up to an entire year. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy and cheap to store flowers and keep them fresh.

One of the most popular and effective methods (for good reason) is to use air-tight sealed glass containers. These come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and are relatively easy to find in stores.

While glass containers are the go-to option for many people, there are other options!

UV-Proof Containers

UV-Proof Containers are a more sophisticated option that will keep your flowers in pristine condition like they were just clipped off the bud. These containers are super fancy and classy. They can contain compartments to hold various tools or different strains of weed as well which is a fun addition. These cases are fun, collectible, and probably the most foolproof method to keep weed fresh.

Stash Boxes

Stash boxes are bigger cases that are typically made of wood and have multiple compartments. These cases are designed to store your entire stash in one convenient place while still keeping your flowers fresh. When choosing a stash box, make sure it is not made of wood that will affect the flavor of your flowers. For example, avoid cedar, as it can leave a cedar taste on your bud. Cannabis-made humidors or stash boxes are usually made out of things like teak, bamboo, acacia, mahogany, cherry, or walnut wood. These woods won’t affect the smell/flavor of your buds.

Glass Mason Jars

If you are a fan of mason jars, you’re in luck! These containers make for great storage of flowers as long as they are placed in a cool, dry place. Mason jars are a very common type of container to store weed and have been reliable for smokers for years. Glass jars will also completely contain smells while preventing the buds from getting crushed. Make sure to not underfill the jars so air doesn’t get trapped. Jars should be at least 3/4 full so there’s not as much air being stored in with the cannabis (if you have less bud, use smaller glass jars). Buds stored in airtight glass jars in a cool, dark place will maintain their potency for a year or longer.

Freeze-Dried Storage

While this is a less common method, it does allow bud to be stored for long periods of time. When bud is freeze-dried into a bag, it will last for multiple years. When using this method, make sure to use freezer bags and not typical bags, as these bags are designed for long periods of storage in freezing temperatures. Try to avoid handling buds when they’re still frozen, as the trichomes can become brittle and easily break off. Always let the frozen buds come to room temperature before trying to handle or smoke them.

Things to Avoid

There are some methods that are not as reliable when storing your flower. One of these methods includes refrigeration in a plastic bag. This is not a good method because, over time, the flower will most likely start to have mold growth on them. Just using a regular drawer or cabinet is much safer and more effective due to the dry environment. Try to store your cannabis in a cool, dry place that isn’t exposed to much sunlight. This will maximize the lifespan and keep your stash fresh for a long, long time.

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Now that you know how to properly keep your flowers stored for long periods of time, don’t be afraid to buy in bulk and keep your stash freshly stored all year round! Contact Pure Oasis to get more cannabis flowers and other products.

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