How Long Does It Take For Weed To Kick In?

June 6, 2022

Moderate and controlled use of medicinal marijuana can alleviate and treat severe pain induced by chronic illnesses. Its psychoactive qualities are another reason why people consume weed as a stress reliever, as a method of relaxation and as a way to enhance their enjoyment of leisure activities.

New users often have many questions about cannabis use. One of the most common questions is: how soon can they expect to feel high once they consume weed? Also, how long will cannabis effects last?

Everyone is different. That means that while there is an average timeframe for how soon cannabis effects will begin, as well as how long its effects tend to last, it will still vary from person to person. The come up and duration of a cannabis high depends on several different factors. Those factors include the specific strain of cannabis consumed, the method used to consume it and how one individually reacts to cannabis.

Your personal history, body chemistry, and mental and physical health are all possible factors that may inform how you react to cannabis. This article explores how the human body processes cannabis, as well as how long it can take for cannabis to enter your system and stimulate effects.

How Is Weed Consumed?

The intensity of cannabis effects depends on multiple factors. Consumption method is among the most influential. Common consumption methods include ingestion (edibles and topicals), inhalation (vaping or smoking marijuana), and dabbing.

It’s also common to smoke cannabis. For example, you can smoke from a water pipe, roll a joint or use an e-cigarette to vape. Topicals – cannabis-infused oils and lotions – can be applied to the skin for cutaneous absorption.

Cannabis edibles are available in a variety of forms. Sodas, chocolates, gummies, tinctures and more all contain a higher amount of cannabis’ active chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) when compared to joints.

How Soon Does Weed Take Effect?

The digestive system and liver first process weed edibles before the compounds enter your bloodstream and circulate to the brain.

On average, it may take anywhere from about 30 minutes to over an hour for the effects of weed edibles to kick in. Those effects can last upwards of six or seven hours. According to research, edibles take a little extra time to activate. The high from an edible lasts longer than the high from smoke inhalation, which many edible users consider to be an improvement.

When a person smokes weed, they absorb the inhaled substance quicker because it enters the bloodstream via the lungs. Usually, THC’s psychoactive effects can be felt within minutes of inhaling the smoke. While smoking cannabis has an immediate effect, edibles must first be digested in the stomach before they activate and enter the bloodstream.

Smoking cannabis, by contrast, has a near-instant onset of effects and then lasts for about an hour or more; edibles may take an hour or two before showing their effects, which can last for up to seven hours. The higher the cannabis strain’s THC levels, the longer the duration of the high.

One study shows that THC’s oral ingestion requires 30 to 90 minutes for its effects to begin, before peaking at around the two to three hour mark. Sublingual cannabis consumption, which means consuming cannabis via the tongue, is faster because it bypasses the digestive system and absorbs straight into the bloodstream. For this reason, users may experience expedited cannabis effects from using cannabis tinctures, breath strips or lollipops held under the tongue.

Effects Of Marijuana

Whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned veteran, you may have concerns about side effects. Although not all cannabis side effects are harmful, such as cannabis’ ability to briefly increase one’s dopamine levels, the negative side effects can make you anxious, paranoid, or even produce hallucinations.

To avoid or lower the risk of adverse side effects or hazardous behavior, it’s vital that you:

  • Do not drive a car or other motorized vehicle when you are high
  • Drink water to stay hydrated
  • Avoid consuming cannabis on an empty stomach
  • Monitor and remain aware of how long it takes for the cannabis to kick in; this is most critical when consuming cannabis edibles

If you are new to weed, it’d be a good idea to start with a low-THC strain and wait at least two hours before you try to re-dose. Also, if it’s your first time consuming cannabis, make sure you have plenty of free time to ride out the effects. Take the day off and stay home if you can.

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