Gorilla Glue Strain: Peak Relaxation

November 20, 2023

While thousands of weed strains and unique combinations of cannabis genetics are possible thanks to improved breeding techniques, some varieties stand the test of time as classics that need no further innovation.

Among these, Gorilla Glue is one of the most common names. Most people who have spent any time in the cannabis hobby have encountered Gorilla Glue; it’s easy to find, and its effects are both notorious and memorable.

But where did this reputation come from, and what can you expect if you try Gorilla Glue for the first time?

Here’s an overview of the Gorilla Glue strain, from its humble origins to the experience that it offers both newcomers and veterans alike.

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Where Did Gorilla Glue Come From?

Gorilla Glue, also called GG4, comes from humble origins that trace back to Nevada, where GG Strains co-founders Ross Johnson (Lone Watty) and Don Peabody (Joesy Whales) were taken by surprise.

They were growing Chem Sister, a Sativa-dominant plant, when Joesy noticed it had taken on some unusual characteristics. The growth had “hermed out” or developed a genetic mutation that resulted in the singular plant becoming both male and female.

As a result, it accidentally pollinated the plants growing around it—Sour Dubb and Chem Diesel. Thus, the hybrid marijuana strain Gorilla Glue was born.

Achievements and Awards

Gorilla Glue has won numerous awards and remains one of the most favored strains ever. In 2014, the hybrid won first place in the Cannabis Cup for Michigan and Los Angeles. Later, in 2015, the High Times Jamaican World Cup recognized Gorilla Glue with a first-place award as well.

Flavor Profile and Sensory Experience

Gorilla Glue produces a pungent, sour aroma that permeates any space in which you’re enjoying it. The flavor is complex, featuring hints of earthy pine, coffee, chocolate, and a slight lemony zest.

As per its name, few strains produce buds as sticky as Gorilla Glue, thanks to the density of trichomes on its surface. The inhale is smooth and effortless despite the pungent nature of the strain, but it’s difficult to hide the smell on your clothes if you plan to go out later.

What to Expect

GG4 is notorious for intense potency, which impacts users quickly upon consumption. Many enthusiasts describe the experience as a near-instant head high that fades into powerful, full-body relaxation, akin to being “smacked in the face.”

Plan to stay home and enjoy your favorite hobbies because you will remain glued to the couch in deep relaxation. However, Gorilla Glue does not leave your brain feeling foggy and unclear; you can still partake in activities that require you to use your brain, such as video games and movies.

Many people report that Gorilla Glue makes them hungry, so prepare your snacks ahead of time, as you’ll likely be locked to the couch and feeling heavy.

GG4 is best suited for those with some experience in cannabis products, as its THC content is 20% or above (depending on cultivar). Remember to start slow and see how the head high fades for you, as those who consume too much too quickly report feelings of dizziness and slight headaches.

Be sure to keep water nearby as well, as the diesel aftertaste and immense relaxation of Gorilla Glue can make users feel thirsty and dehydrated but unwilling to get up to get a drink.

Gorilla Glue as Medical Marijuana

Thanks to its intensely relaxing properties, Gorilla Glue is commonly used to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress. It can force the body to calm down and induce sleepiness, which may be healing for those who struggle to limit stress factors and deescalate from a constant state of physical vigilance.

Others report that Gorilla Glue works well for pain— especially musculoskeletal pain—due to its ability to relax the muscles and relieve tension. However, GG4 does not appear as effective for headaches.

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Get High-Quality GG4 from a Reputable Dispensary

Gorilla Glue is one of many popular strains that have left their mark on the cannabis hobby over many years. From its deep relaxation to its pleasant inhale and complex flavors, there is a lot to like about this marijuana variant.

However, if you want to try Gorilla Glue for yourself, be sure that you acquire it from a reputable dispensary that offers high-quality buds. Minority-owned Pure Oasis is proud to serve the community by offering not only quality cannabis but also education and active assistance, from dosing help to how to care for your accessories.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to try Gorilla Glue or any of the wide variety of strains that suit your goals.

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