GMO Cannabis: The Euphoric Strain

March 3, 2023

Cannabis cross-breeding continues to produce interesting and exciting new strains, with hybrids becoming more popular over time. While many people enjoy the middling hybrids that have an equal influence from both their Sativa and Indica parents—leading to a balanced experience—others are looking for something heavier.

That’s where GMO comes in, as one of the more potent Indica-forward varieties on the market. If you’ve never tried GMO or if you’re wondering how this variant stacks up against others that you enjoy, here’s everything you need to know about this euphoria-inducing strain.

The History of GMO

GMO is a hybrid cannabis variety produced by crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Both of its parents are hybrids too, but Girl Scout Cookies is already Indica-forward—contributing more of that powerful Indica effect through breeding. Thus, GMO (also known as Garlic Cookies) was born.

Mamiko Seeds is the origin behind GMO as its first breeder. However, its parent strains are highly popular and widespread, with GSC winning numerous awards. The careful refinement of parent to child plants capitalized upon Chemdawg’s potency and GSC’s Indica-dominant characteristics to create an exceptionally powerful new variant that has become popular as a medical marijuana option.

The Effects of GMO

Because of the selective breeding to achieve GMO coupled with its parents’ already high potency, GMO is a strong experience. It is most commonly associated with profound euphoria thanks to its very high THC concentration—typically anywhere from 28% to 35%. The body high is something that many users enjoy, which induces heavy relaxation and leaves people content to lounge and rest.

Because GMO is so high in THC, it’s best reserved for those who have some experience with potent strains already. If you are just starting out in your cannabis journey and want to try GMO Garlic Cookies, you should begin with a very small dose to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience.

Users report that the effects of GMO come on quickly—sometimes as soon as a few minutes after smoking. The euphoria and sleepiness fade relatively quickly as well, but not so fast as to make you feel like you’re crashing. Despite this, the overall length of the experience is longer than average.

GMO is popular in the medical marijuana field to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain. It causes deep relaxation and sleepiness.

Flavor and Experience

The potency of the THC is not the only strong element of GMO. Its flavor is also pungent and powerful; most people describe it as a mixture of diesel or even onion, with a garlic flavor that seems to linger in the mouth (and the room) for a while. That being said, it’s best consumed privately or in an area where the smell will not cause discomfort for others.

If you choose to use GMO as an edible, be aware that its strong and lingering flavors work better in savory or complementary items rather than sweets. Something like biscuits, pretzels, cannabutter or even drink mixers work better with the pungent and seemingly spicy flavor of GMO Garlic Cookies rather than sweet items like brownies and chocolate.

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Potential Side Effects

People by and large enjoy the effects of GMO, but in too high of a dose or for those with a lower tolerance, some slightly negative symptoms can appear. The most prominent side effect is dizziness, which can arise from the profound relaxation and sleepiness that GMO encourages. This symptom can be mitigated by reducing the dose next time or enjoying GMO in a slower-acting form, like an edible.

Other users report some feelings of paranoia or anxiety, which again are often tied to too high of a dose. The best experience is usually achieved by starting very small, then building up the dosage until you start to see the right balance of effects that are ideal for your situation.

If anxiety is bothering you after consuming GMO, try edibles so that the intense euphoria does not come on so quickly and your body has more time to gradually ramp into the experience.

Check Out GMO and More from a Minority-Owned Dispensary

The GMO cannabis strain is one of the most popular high-THC strains, and it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in euphoric and sedative effects. That being said, it’s important to secure your GMO from a reputable dispensary that can help you properly dose.

At Pure Oasis, we are proud to give personalized assistance to our customers so that they can enjoy the best experience with our products. As a Black-owned business, we support our local community and can help you with any of your cannabis needs. Stop by to ask questions or take a look at what we offer!

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