Boston’s Ultimate 420 Friendly Tourism Guide

October 23, 2023

Since Boston legalized recreational marijuana use, the city has seen a revitalized wave of inspiration and fun things to do surrounding the hobby. Whether you already live in Boston or are traveling to the area on an adventure, there are plenty of 420-friendly tourism options for new enthusiasts and veterans alike.

This bustling city is a prominent place full of opportunities for fun, but when you’re looking for a cannabis-centric experience, the best place to start is with a local Boston dispensary. Once you’ve got your supplies, you can head to any of the many cannabis-friendly locations and experiences. However, there are some important things to know before you go.

Here is an overview of Boston’s ultimate 420-friendly tourist destinations so you can be inspired and even spoiled for choice—as well as what to keep in mind so that you stay in line with the city’s new laws on recreational use.

A Note About Public Consumption

While Boston is opening its doors to recreational marijuana and all the fun experiences that can come with it, the city still maintains strict rules about cannabis in public. You are not allowed to consume marijuana in a public space because Boston enforces a city-wide smoking ban.

However, this doesn’t mean you have nowhere to go. Certain facilities are exempt from this rule, such as private residences or properties that do not need to comply with smoke-free laws (otherwise, companies such as those that sell cigarettes would not be allowed to exist at all).

As you enjoy your time in Boston, remember that the cannabis-centric experiences tailored for tourism are held in their respective locations for a reason. Keep your sampling limited to those premises, or take your product into a private residence to enjoy so you don’t get in trouble.

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Organized Meetups and Experiences

If you’re looking for something guided and structured, consider one of Boston’s many cannabis entertainment options. For those who don’t mind a bit of a drive, the Summit Lounge is a members-only smoking club exempt from the smoke-free rule. You can meet with like-minded enjoyers and consume cannabis freely.

If you’d rather focus on something more engaging while you smoke, try any of the city’s many infused dining options. From a tea social hosted by High Tea to Dinner at Mary’s, a customizable dosed meal, edibles are one of Boston’s most accessible 420-friendly options.

This can also be paired with activities, such as Puff Pass Paint’s cannabis-centric painting and activity meetups. Those interested in the history of cannabis in Boston can enjoy tours that stop by the city’s many marijuana highlights.

Some companies (like Loopr) privately charter their vehicles as an additional benefit. As you cruise the city to learn about its cannabis history, you can consume what you find on the go. These private vehicles are treated the same as a person’s residence regarding the smoke-free laws.

Freeform Enjoyment Options

For those who would rather dictate their own experience and avoid some of the larger tourist destinations, the best option is to visit locally-owned dispensaries to choose new and exciting strains before venturing to some of Boston’s highlights.

While you can’t smoke in public, you can partake before you go and mix your experience with the city’s key destinations, such as:

  • Whale watching – April through October is peak whale sighting season in Boston, and the sense of adventure and outdoors mixes well with strains that foster energy, inspiration, and buzzy excitement.
  • Parks and trails – Those whose preferred strains prompt calm contemplation and meditative body highs may enjoy heading out on a trail and finding a beautiful natural vista to picnic or relax while the experience peaks. Boston Public Garden and the Arnold Arboretum are ideal for those who want to take delight in nature without the risk of getting lost.
  • Food and culture – Try a little cannabis before you leave for a lavish culinary experience in North End, the city’s Little Italy. Full of restaurants, pastry shops, and more, you can sate those marijuana-fueled munchies in style.

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Get Your Cannabis from Boston’s High-Quality Local Dispensaries

Whether you’re considering a trip to Boston for the first time or you’ve lived here for years and want to branch out, it all starts with visiting a reputable local dispensary. The minority-owned Pure Oasis is proud to offer high-quality cannabis and supplies to the surrounding community.

Our team can help you identify the best strains to support your visit to the city. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to prepare for your trip and make it a success!

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