Dispensary Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts When Visiting a Boston Cannabis Shop

February 26, 2024

Every cannabis dispensary has its own vibe; some are modern and official, especially for medical dispensaries, while others are more relaxed and casual. No matter where you choose to go, you can improve your experience by following proper etiquette.

A good dispensary is always happy to see its customers and support their needs. Still, customers can facilitate this process (and make the staff’s job easier) by being respectful and avoiding common pitfalls.

Here are the dos and don’ts when visiting a Boston dispensary so that residents and tourists interested in purchasing cannabis from a recreational shop can do so the right way.

Do: Make Some Choices Ahead of Time

Dispensaries stock products of all kinds, not all of which will be a good fit for you. Before you even arrive at the dispensary, spend some time thinking about your goals. Do you want to purchase items to consume with friends or by yourself?

Are you hoping for deep relaxation or a euphoric head high? Refining your idea of a good experience before you arrive can help budtenders offer more targeted recommendations so that you get products aligned with your goals.

Do: Bring the Right Materials

Many dispensaries will only accept cash, and all must see a valid government-issued ID. Be sure to bring these items, or you won’t be able to buy anything. The staff may check your ID at the door or wait until you are ready to purchase.

Boston recreational marijuana dispensary, with various strains and forms of the drug available for purchase

Do: Ask Questions Freely

Budtenders are the staff members in a dispensary available to answer questions about products. Don’t hesitate to get their attention! If you are curious about what a specific product does or need assistance finding a particular strain or accessory to help you achieve your goals, budtenders are happy to assist.

They can guide you on how to care for the accessories in the store, how to dose properly, and which strains fit into your use case, among many other potential tips.

Do: Leave a Tip

Budtenders spend their time on customer service, and it is considered polite to tip them if they have been helpful to you. Although tipping is not required, your budtender will appreciate it. Consider bringing extra cash to give to the budtender if you have questions.

Don’t: Take Pictures

It can be tempting to snap a picture of a product you want to try later or to remember what you purchased this time, but avoid taking pictures while you’re in a dispensary.

For the privacy of other shoppers and to promote discretion, dispensaries often prohibit taking photos while on the store’s premises. Some may even require you not to use your phone in the store.

Don’t: Sample Your Purchases On-Site

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll likely be excited to try your new product. However, Massachusetts law prohibits consuming cannabis in public, and the other customers do not necessarily consent to participating in your marijuana experience (including the smells).

Wait until you get to your private residence before lighting up. Alternatively, cannabis lounges are beginning to pop up as places where people can meet to consume marijuana—sort of a cannabis bar.

Don’t: Buy Too Much

Massachusetts has legalized marijuana, but possession limits still bind residents and tourists. Do not purchase more than one ounce of cannabis when visiting a dispensary, as this is the maximum legal to carry.

You may hold up to 10 ounces on your private property. Many dispensaries will not sell more than one ounce at a time to comply with the legal requirements.

white caucasian stylish man working at herb dispensary

Don’t: Loiter

Many dispensaries are small and spend much of their space on displays for their products. They also tend to be popular, especially after work and on weekends.

It is polite not to loiter so that other customers have space to look around and make purchases. It’s alright to take up space if you are looking too, but if you are already done with your visit—or are still deciding what to buy—please step out of the way so that others can participate. Don’t stand and chat with friends in the middle of the store.

Visit Your Local Minority-Owned Dispensary

Whether you’re planning your first visit to a dispensary or it’s time to restock, being polite and following proper etiquette will result in a better experience.

The team at Pure Oasis is always happy to help you explore our product offerings and choose items that suit your goals and dosage needs. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries in Dorchester or downtown Boston to try new products or stock up on your favorites.

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