Ways To Sober Up When You’re Too High

May 15, 2023

Cannabis has been highly valued throughout history for the wide range of effects it can produce. From assisting with pain relief to producing euphoric and even calming effects, marijuana is popular for a reason. However, while no deaths have been reported due to an overconsumption of cannabis, it is still possible to enjoy more than your body feels comfortable with.

That can produce unpleasant sensations that people describe as “greening out,” or being too high. When this happens, you might not know what to do unless you have prepared beforehand. Here’s what you should know about some of the most effective ways to sober up when you’re too high.

What Can Cause an Intense High

Naturally, most intense highs that exceed a person’s comfort threshold arise due to consuming more cannabis than they should have. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from incorrect measurements and dosing information on the product itself to failure to properly determine how much cannabis is the right amount based on one’s height, weight and goals.

Other less common things that can accelerate the effects of a high include improperly eating edibles. Just because you do not yet feel the effects does not mean that the edible won’t work, and many people eat too much because of this. Additionally, combining cannabis with other hobbies such as drinking or heavy exercise can increase the intensity of marijuana.

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Ways to Sober Up from a High

Once you begin to feel uncomfortable during a high, the first thing you might feel is panic. First and foremost, take a deep breath. You will be okay. The feelings will pass as your body gradually processes the compounds in the marijuana. Next, be sure to:

  • Rest – Your body needs time and energy to clear the terpenes from the marijuana from your system. Avoid strenuous activity and ideally lie down somewhere quiet and cool. If you can sleep, this will accelerate your body’s natural recovery process.
  • Stay hydrated – Transport of cannabis compounds within the blood is facilitated by water. If you’re dehydrated, this process will take longer. Make sure to drink water (not soda or coffee, and especially not alcohol). If you feel nauseated, sip at the water rather than taking large drinks.
  • Occupy yourself – It’s easy to focus on the negative feelings surrounding an intense high when you have nothing else to think about, and this can make these unpleasant sensations feel even stronger. Instead, try to find an activity to occupy your mind. This could be a gentle walk with a friend in nature, a video game or even just watching videos or playing with a pet. If you have the munchies, try cooking something new!
  • Try peppercorns – It’s not entirely clear why black peppercorns might help to dispel a heady high, but many people swear by this method. Simply smell or crunch on a few individual peppercorns. Whether it is the sudden change of flavor that wakes your brain out of its rut or the terpenes in black pepper that support the body’s recovery, it is a simple method to try.
  • Take ibuprofen – THC, one of the most desirable compounds in cannabis, is processed by the liver, especially when consumed as an edible. However, ibuprofen is processed by the kidneys, which means that you can take this medication to relieve some of the symptoms of an intense high, such as headaches, without taxing your body further.
  • Get help – If you feel that your symptoms are unbearable or are putting yourself or others at risk, seek medical help. An urgent care or emergency room can keep you safe while your body finishes processing the cannabis. Examples of situations in which medical help may be worthwhile include panic attacks and anxiety that are producing an uncomfortably high heart rate or palpitations, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations or nausea and vomiting. There is no reason to be ashamed of asking for medical help, even though most intense highs can be weathered with care and caution at home.

Get High-Quality Cannabis and Accessories from a Reputable Dispensary

Cannabis can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, but as with any other activity, things can sometimes go wrong. Whether a dosing error or a simple misunderstanding led to an intense high and unpleasant sensations, know that the feelings will pass.

At Pure Oasis, we are proud to help our community safely and responsibly use cannabis to avoid these negative encounters whenever possible and sober up from a high when needed. Contact us or stop by our Black-owned dispensary to learn more about proper dosage, preparing edibles and correctly using accessories to enjoy cannabis.

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