Unveiling the Delightful Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

April 22, 2024

When most people think of cannabis products, they often think of the diesel or skunky smell that many strains can carry. However, not all cannabis strains produce this experience; some are lighter and more refreshing, not only in their aroma and flavor but also in their effects.

The Wedding Cake cannabis strain is a powerhouse, boasting potent effects that can quickly calm you and keep you glued to the couch. And with its appealing and tangy flavor, Wedding Cake stands out among strains as one of the most intriguing.

Here’s what those new to the Wedding Cake variant need to know about its history, attributes, and the experience of enjoying it.

The History of Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a hybrid marijuana strain that descends from two other popular varieties: Indica Triangle Kush and hybridized Animal Mints. Because of this lineage, Wedding Cake is Indica-dominant and popular for medical marijuana uses.

In 2019, Leafly awarded Wedding Cake the Strain of the Year recognition, and this probably comes as no surprise. Wedding Cake is trendy among hobbyists who have sufficient tolerance for high THC levels.

You may have heard of Wedding Cake in another form: Pink Cookies. This regional difference in naming reflects some of the ancestor strains that went into its creation, such as Girl Scout Cookies (another award winner) and Cherry Pie.

The creator of Wedding Cake, Seed Junky Genetics, is based in LA. The strain went on to win the local SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for best hybrid.

 Wedding Cake cannabis macro shot from recreational cannabis dispensary in Boston, MA

Flavor and Aroma Profile

The name Wedding Cake arose from the buds’ frosty, white appearance and sweet, icing-like smell. Some people describe the taste of Wedding Cake as slightly earthy and even peppery but with a deeply rich and tangy flavor.

Some buds can even carry a slightly fruity or floral impression, depending on the specific plant. Because of its smell and taste, Wedding Cake remains useful as an ingredient in edibles, and it does not produce the same lingering haze of stronger weed smoke.

While it is not as directly sweet as strains such as Runtz, it ranks among some of the sweetest and most dessert-like options for those looking to escape the dank.

What to Expect with Wedding Cake

Because Wedding Cake is an Indica-forward hybrid, enthusiasts can expect deep and profound relaxation. It takes effect quickly, and the whole experience will depend on a person’s THC tolerance and how much they partake in.

At 24% THC, Wedding Cake is not for newcomers, and dosage will guide whether you enjoy a heavy respite that keeps you resting on the couch eating snacks or a lighter relaxation that fosters your inspiration and energy.

Because of Wedding Cake’s success in resolving insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, it remains a popular strain for medical marijuana patients. However, recreational users can also find many things to enjoy about this hybrid staple!

Potential Side Effects

In large part due to its higher-than-average THC content, Wedding Cake can come with side effects—especially for those who partake quickly or who are new to higher levels of THC in their weed.

The most common potential negative is dizziness, which arises due to the relaxed and sluggish state many people find themselves in when enjoying Wedding Cake.

It’s best to plan for a day at home if you want to try out this LA staple, as your motor functions and essential thinking skills may suffer and make outdoor excursions less safe.

Those who take more than their tolerance of Wedding Cake may experience some anxiety or paranoid thoughts until their system can process some of the THC.

If you are trying Wedding Cake for the first time, consider spending time with friends. They can help to keep you centered and calm if you try too much and ride the high with you until it calms.

Some people report experiencing deep relaxation without the couch-lock of other Indica variants, so always test a small amount of Wedding Cake before going for a whole experience the first time.

closeup shot of cannabis macro wedding cake strain

Try Wedding Cake and More at Your Local Dispensary

If you’re thinking about including Wedding Cake in your next marijuana experience, there’s no better time than the present! Wedding Cake is becoming easier to find as more people catch on to its appealing effects.

The team at Pure Oasis is happy to help you explore Wedding Cake and many other strains to choose one that suits your goals and tolerance levels.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to check out our inventory and stock up for your subsequent cannabis encounter.

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