The Sweet Strain: Ice Cream Cake Cannabis

May 22, 2023

Thanks to its increasing popularity and legalization nationwide, innovation within the many strains of marijuana continues to change the landscape of what is available. One strain that is currently popular in the medical marijuana niche is Ice Cream Cake cannabis. This sweet and pleasant variant is on the higher end for THC content, but it is still accessible to those new to the hobby.

Here is what you should know about Ice Cream Cake, including where it comes from, how it might affect you, and ways to enjoy it that make the most of its unique flavor profile.

Where Did Ice Cream Cake Come From?

The Ice Cream Cake strain came from a cross between the hybrid Gelato #33 marijuana strain (which itself comes from Cookies) and another hybrid called Wedding Cake. Both of its parents are hybrids, but their percentages lead to Ice Cream Cake being an Indica-forward variant.

Ice Cream Cake was born from the same creative minds that crafted its genetic ancestors, including Wedding Cake and Kush Mints: Seed Junky Genetics. This hybrid was carefully crafted to capitalize on what made its parents some of the most popular strains in the world, and it can have anywhere from 22% to 25% THC content.

What to Expect for Ice Cream Cake

As its genetic history would indicate, the Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain contributes a sweet flavor reminiscent of desserts such as cookies. Those who enjoy the strain report hints of vanilla, sugary dough similar to uncooked cookie dough, and even the rich taste of butter.

Because it is an Indica dominant strain, Ice Cream Cake is primarily used for relaxation, which makes it popular as a medical option. It can help to relieve not only anxiety by stimulating the body’s calming response but also mitigate pain through relaxation of the muscles. Some people may find it helpful for destressing after a difficult day.

Because Ice Cream Cake creates a profound sense of relaxation or even sleepiness, it is best used at home or with close friends where hobbyists can relax and take their time with few external pressures.

It is not suited for busy days like vacations or work because of its sedative effects. It can also make people hungry, which makes it a fun option for private social gatherings such as meeting up with friends on the weekends.

Ice Cream Cake starts out with a powerful hit, but users report that this typically fades within the first 20 minutes into a full-body peaceful and meditative state. The high THC content is likely behind this phenomenon, so be sure to try a smaller dose the first time until you are aware of how powerful this initial head high will be for you.

mid cola buds of some ice cream cake cannabis plants

Best Uses for Ice Cream Cake

Because of its sweet and delicate flavors, the Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain can be the perfect option for edibles. It fits seamlessly into brownies and cookies or can be infused into sweet drinks, complementing the flavor.

However, it does just as well as a smoked bud or vape, and its pleasant aroma is less likely than many other strains to upset neighbors and those nearby. Regardless of which method of consumption is right for you, Ice Cream Cake can be a good way to end the night with a relaxed, laid back binge-watch of a favorite show.

How to Cultivate This Strain

Those interested in cultivating their own Ice Cream Cake will find that it is best suited for advanced growers due to its size and needs. It takes around nine weeks for the plant to flower, though the yield that it produces is higher than many other popular strains.

What makes cultivation of Ice Cream Cake a challenge is the wide and broad root system that it must set down in order to thrive; this takes substantially more space than what most people have available. Additionally, the area must be kept warm while simultaneously maintaining a low humidity level.

Keeping the humidity low to prevent wilting is one of the biggest challenges with growing Ice Cream Cake, since heat and soil naturally produce a humid environment. This means many growers will need additional tools and strategies that they may not have experience with.

Try Ice Cream Cake and More at Your Local Dispensary

The Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain is a popular one for good reason—its delicious flavor and full-body relaxation effects are exactly what many people crave. However, difficulty in cultivation makes it much simpler to buy this strain rather than grow it.

We are proud to supply high-quality cannabis and help you navigate everything you need, from accessories to proper dosing. Contact us or stop by our minority-owned dispensary to learn more about Ice Cream Cake and the wide variety of other options that we offer.

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