Terms To Know Relating to Cannabis Flower

May 10, 2021

Confused about what strain of cannabis flower you should buy to help you get to sleep? Not sure which type of edible is right? If so, this glossary of common cannabis terms is for you.


BHO refers to “butane hash oil,” which is a very potent variant of hash oil. The resulting product has very high THC levels and comes in a thick, sticky oil form. BHO is also referred to as dabs wax, or shatter, depending on your local area.


Bongs, or water pipes, are larger pieces for smoking that consist of a long neck and beaker of water that filters the smoke. Bongs are used to make hits cleaner and smoother. They can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs.


Blunts are a form of joint that uses a tobacco leaf as the wrap instead of a joint wrap. Blunts often provide thicker smoke and can hold up to a gram of cannabis flower at a time when rolled properly.


Bubblers are basically handheld versions of bongs. They are simply pipes that have a small section where water filters the smoke going through the stem.


Bud is simply another term for the cannabis flowers of the marijuana plant. The buds of the plant are the fluffy outcrops that contain a majority of the cannabinoids.


Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in marijuana. Some examples of cannabinoids you’ve probably heard of are THC and CBD.


CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most abundant chemical in the cannabis plant. Its effects provide more of the body high and pain-relieving effects, while THC is responsible for the cerebral and psychoactive effects.


Concentrates are simply concentrated forms of cannabis that contain a very high THC percentage and highly potent effects. Concentrate products typically come in the form of sticky wax or a liquid substance you can use with a vape or a dab apparatus.

Dab / Dabbing

A dab is a slang term used to refer to a dose of wax or another form of concentrate being “dabbed” onto a hot surface and inhaled.

The act of “dabbing” refers to smoking wax using a dabbing apparatus that consists of a normal water bong with a nail attachment that can be heated to very high temperatures to melt and consume the wax.


Edibles are the term for medicated goods that are edible and full of THC and CBD. These products can come in many forms ranging from cookies to gummy bears to brownies to coffee drinks.

Edibles are very potent and can cause very intense effects in less seasoned users due to the mechanism in which they interact with the body.

Hash / Hash Oil

Hash is short for hashish, which is derived from cannabis plants and can be used for consumption or medication. Its production involves the removal of the plant’s trichomes through a filtering process. Once this is completed, the final product is typically pressed and ready to be used.


Hybrid refers to strains of marijuana that contain both the qualities of indicas and sativas. These strains have mixed cerebral and body high effects and can lean either way on the scale. These strains are normally crosses between strains that can be bred to have a desired mixture of effects.


Indicas are a type of strain that are heavier on the body and mind. These strains are meant for people who have a hard time falling asleep, need pain relief, or enjoy the couch-lock effect that some of these types of strains provide.


Kief is the fine powdery residue that is left over after breaking up weed or putting it through a grinder. Kief contains a majority of the trichomes from cannabis flowers and is known to be extremely potent. It is often mixed into pre-rolls or blunts for added effect.


OG is a term that was originally used to describe Southern California’s Ocean Grown Kush, which was quickly shortened to OG Kush.

OG Kush is a famous strain for good reason. Most OGs are slight variations to the original OG Kush genetics or are simply ocean grown on the West Coast.


Sativas are strains that are more psychoactive and lead to effects such as creativity, laughing, sociability, and more. They are the direct counterpart to indicas and are unique in their appearance as well as their effects.

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With these important terms in mind, you can now talk with your local budtender with a little more confidence and understand all of the different products and smoking methods available! Reach out to Pure Oasis today!

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