Savoring the Flavorful Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

May 20, 2024

When people enjoy cannabis, they often do so for more than just its mind-altering or body-wide effects. Many enthusiasts enjoy the flavor and aroma of their preferred cannabis strains just as much as the effects they are seeking from them.

When it comes to a sumptuous blend of flavors, smells, and the high, few strains can compete with the famous Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie is a relatively recent innovation, but it has quickly risen in popularity thanks to its balanced and uplifting effects, pleasant smoke, and suitability for even novice growers to cultivate.

Let’s explore what makes the Cherry Pie cannabis strain such a notable inclusion in the ranks of the top marijuana varieties, from its original cultivar to what you can expect if you give it a try yourself.

The History of the Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie was the brainchild of PieGuy, of the Bay Area in San Francisco. The strain is a cross of the infamous Indica Grandaddy Purp (GDP) with the much less well-known (or at least less accessible) Sativa F1 Durb, whose origins are a closely guarded secret held by Jigga, another local breeder.

It was Jigga who later started cultivating Cherry Pie seeds in earnest, since he is the one who almost exclusively owns F1 Durb plants; they are not usually available for sale or breeding for other growers.

Some others allege that PieGuy’s original Cherry Pie strain came from a cross of GDP and Durban Poison, explaining his access to a Durban variant not exclusively held by Jigga.

No matter where Cherry Pie started, it ended up as a powerhouse in the cannabis world as a potent but balanced hybrid strain, and the modern variant does come from F1 Durb thanks to Jigga’s influence.

close up of prescription medical marijuana strain flower Cherry Pie on white background

Aromas and Flavors

As its name implies, the Cherry Pie strain packs a sweet and delectable punch reminiscent of desserts. Many people report that the flavor resembles sweet and sour cherries with an earthy subtone that adds complexity.

Terpenes such as limonene contribute a citrus-like or tangy aroma and taste, leading Cherry Pie to be regarded as a dessert strain with minimal to no dankness.

Thanks to its predisposition to sweetness, Cherry Pie can be a great addition to edibles and tinctures. It can enhance the flavor rather than require other ingredients to help the cannabis blend in.

What to Expect During the Experience

Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain, which means it contributes some of the attributes of its Sativa and Indica parents. A heavy calmness tends to be the first effect people feel after consuming Cherry Pie.

Still, this Indica-forward trait does not usually leave people glued to the couch. Instead, the Sativa lineage shines through, contributing a sense of giggly euphoria and uplifted happiness.

As a result, Cherry Pie can be an excellent strain for those looking to inspire themselves for a day out with friends or before working on a creative project. It’s wise to keep some snacks nearby, as Cherry Pie can cause a serious case of the munchies.

Those who take Cherry Pie regularly for medical reasons should consider how this tendency toward snacking can affect the rest of their diet. However, Cherry Pie offers many advantages, too—such as reductions in anxiety and chronic pain thanks to its Indica parent.

Potential Side Effects

As with any cannabis strain, it is important to start slowly to determine if any potential side effects will impact you. Cherry Pie’s THC content is around 16%, making it a mid-range option suitable for many enthusiasts, including daring beginners.

Remember: you can always consume more later but cannot undo what you have already put in your body! Those who have partaken of too much Cherry Pie at once may feel dry—the eyes, mouth, and skin can all become slightly irritated.

Staying on top of hydration throughout the experience can help. Additionally, those prone to anxious thoughts may find that they drift toward paranoia if they consume more Cherry Pie than their tolerance level. Rest in a safe place until the body has had a chance to process some of the cannabinoids, and these symptoms should dissipate.

flowering colas of cherry pie cannabis strain

Try Cherry Pie and More from Your Local Dispensary

Cherry Pie is just one of the many exciting options that you could add to your cannabis rotation if you haven’t tried it before.

The team at Pure Oasis is always happy to help you find new and intriguing varieties to keep your day interesting and help you achieve your goals. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to look at our wide selection of cannabis strains, accessories, and more.

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