Popular Plants And Herbs To Smoke With Cannabis

May 16, 2022

man preparing cannabis for smokeDid you know that tobacco has the capacity to increase cannabis’ vaporization efficiency? It increases the available amount of THC, allowing cannabis smokers to inhale up to 45% more. Combining cannabis with other plants, like tobacco, can elevate your high!

There are plenty of questions regarding smokable herbs – everything from their health impact to their smoking methods and use. These herbal blends serve as therapeutic alternatives to more common chemicals when consumed in moderation. Herbs are often incorporated into vapors, teas, and body products, whereas herbal smoke is used in response to claims that it could promote womb health, reduce menstrual cramping, aid with depression or even soothe migraines.

Cannabis’ stress-relieving benefits are extraordinary on their own, but it’s fun to shake things up every now and then. After all, herbal blends, smoke mixes and medicinal plants have the power to improve the flavor of your cannabis and enhance its effect. Adding blends of flowers or herbs to your cannabis smokes takes “roll your own” to a whole new level.

Plants And Herbs To Smoke With Cannabis

Whether you smoke hand rolls or pack a pipe, adding an herb or other blend is a pleasurable way to change up the cannabis experience. The only problem is determining which herbs or smoke mixes are worth purchasing. Quite a few plants are safe to enjoy as a companion to cannabis.

To make the decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of legal and safe-to-use herbs and smoke blends that are sure to take your cannabis experience to the next level.


Lavender plantsThe abundant, medicinal herb known as lavender is found throughout the world. Linalool terpenes, which are also present in cannabis, are responsible for its characteristic aroma.

Smoking lavender-laced cannabis lends a calming effect to the smoking experience. It can reduce anxiety and make you feel as zen as a meditation session. Lavender is famous for its ability to ease insomnia, relieve headaches, reduce muscle soreness and function as a painkiller.

Rose Petals

Some smokers use rose petals in their cannabis joints. Rose’s luxurious fragrance and delicate flavor are a perfect complement to the slight bitterness of cannabis. Rose petals are dried and ground into a fine powder for easy inclusion with cannabis joints. Some individuals claim that rose-infused cigarettes and joints helped them quit nicotine-filled cigarettes. Historically, rose has been used in perfumes for its mood-boosting properties, as well as its tendency to enhance relaxation and stimulation.

Smoking rose petals results in a slight euphoric rush but that sensation is short-lived. Rose’s delicate, sweet-tasting petals blend well with marijuana and improve both its aroma and flavor.


Passionflower is a climbing vine abundant throughout Asia, the United States and South America. Its dazzling blooms are said to quell anxiety and restlessness.

At first, passionflower’s strong grassy smell may seem off-putting. Combining it with cannabis, however, brings out its clove-like aftertaste. This is even more evident when used with cannabis strains that have a spicy flavor profile. Its mild sedative effects balance the potency of high-THC cannabis strains.


Mugwort plantMugwort has been used to treat menstrual cramps, fatigue and digestive issues. Its sticky, cotton-like texture makes it easy to roll, while its spicy and nutty flavor evokes the flavor of sage. Mugwort is not as sedative as cannabis but it’s still a choice herb to fill a spliff.

Due to mugwort’s reputation to influence a person’s nighttime dreams, some prefer to consume it before bedtime. The savory flavor profile works wonders with linalool strains of cannabis, creating a sweet taste that will put you to sleep with Mugwort-enhanced dreams.

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