Microdosing with Edibles: Optimizing Cannabis Consumption for Productivity and Creativity

June 10, 2024

Cannabis consumption doesn’t have to be limited to smoking, vaping, and tinctures. Many hobbyists also enjoy weed edibles as their gateway to the varied effects marijuana can bring.

However, not everyone wants to lock themselves into a heavy head high or full-body effects after consuming an edible. If that sounds like you, microdosing could be a good choice.

Microdosing requires users to enjoy only a small amount of THC or CBD. However, you can still enjoy the effects of cannabis — just on a much less pervasive scale.

Microdosing takes some practice, careful measurement, and intentional choices, so here is a primer to get you started if this is your first foray into the concept of weed edibles as a form of microdosing.

Edible Microdosing: The Big Picture

Microdosing is a type of cannabis consumption that focuses on achieving minor but useful effects from either CBD or THC without the potential side effects that come with normal doses.

Most often, people still want to enjoy the productivity, enthusiasm, creativity, and inspiration that marijuana can provide, but they do not want to experience a high, full-body effects, or deep relaxation that could interfere with their plans for the day.

To get the best out of your experience with weed edibles, you’ll need to become your own scientist and do a few experiments to see what works best for you. Here’s how.

 cannabis buds from Boston dispensary ready for consumption on a wooden table

How to Microdose Edibles

Microdosing can be done with edibles in almost any form, from chocolates to gummies and more. However, finding the right product is just the first step in your microdosing experience. You’ll need to:

Choose the Right Product

Before you can begin consuming edibles for microdosing purposes, you’ll need to determine which type of product is right for you. First, consider the effects you want the microdose to have.

Microdosing CBD provides many of the therapeutic benefits associated with medical usage, such as pain relief, reduced anxiety, and greater focus.

Conversely, microdosing THC can provide mood boosts such as heightened creativity and energy, as well as more restful sleep and an overall more relaxed demeanor. Both CBD and THC microdosing are viable paths, but you need to decide before you can purchase an edible.

Once you understand your goals, explore your local dispensary or ask their budtender to point you toward products that align with your microdosing needs.

Determine Your Starting Dose

Next, consider your starting dose. Beginners can start with a dose of 2.5mg as their introductory point, but some start at 5mg. Allow plenty of testing time to explore the potential effects of this dose before increasing it.

Allow Time for Testing

Now comes the part where you’ll need to put your scientist hat on and experiment. Once you have consumed your microdosed edible according to the dosage you picked, allow at least 45 minutes to begin feeling the effects.

It’s smart to keep a journal or record video notes on your general thoughts during this time. How do you feel now? Repeat this process every half hour for the next two hours to stay in tune with the potential effects that the microdose may be having.

Once you have some data, you’ll be able to see whether THC or CBD provides the effects you want and whether those effects are strong enough.

This can inform your decision to increase your dosage or change products. Bear in mind that it takes time for an edible to work, so don’t lose hope if you don’t feel any different 20 minutes into the process.

Support Your Body Through the Process

Once you have consumed a microdosed edible, your body will begin to process the contents to create the effects you are hoping to achieve. To facilitate this process, make sure to stay hydrated both before and during the edible experience.

Eat a nutritious meal before or during the microdosing encounter. This might cause the effects of the microdose to take longer to kick in, but supplying your body with nutrients can help it process the CBD or THC in the edible to maximize the effect.

If you feel unwell after microdosing, stop using the product immediately. Make sure you dosed correctly, and if so, consider whether another type of product may be better for you.

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Explore Edibles for Microdosing at Your Local Dispensary

If you want to try microdosing to shift your mood or address specific concerns, be sure to rely on products that are high-quality and accurately dosed.

The team at Pure Oasis is always happy to guide you toward the edibles that are most suited for your microdosing goals. Stop by Pure Oasis to explore our edibles and learn more about how to microdose safely and effectively.

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