Edible Etiquette: How to Dose Responsibly with Weed Edibles

March 18, 2024

Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy marijuana products in a variety of forms. While smoking is the most common in the public image, edibles are almost as popular.

Thanks to their versatility and the slower burn of the resulting high, weed edibles are a good entry point for newcomers and an exciting way to spice up old habits for long-time hobbyists.

However, because edibles do not affect the body immediately, it can be challenging to dose them properly. Remember—it can take multiple hours to begin to feel the effects of an edible, so always start low and slow.

Here’s how to dose responsibly with weed edibles so that you can curate the best experience for yourself.

Understanding Edibles

Edibles can be more than just pot brownies (though those are popular for a reason!). Anything from chocolate bars to gummy bears and even savory foods such as butter can be good candidates for edible cannabis products.

No matter which type you favor, they are all made in generally the same way: infusing a food item with cannabis extract.

The potency of an edible and its potential effects come from how much concentrate or product is used for the infusion and what type of marijuana the infusion came from (e.g., Sativa, Indica, etc.).

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How to Dose Weed Edibles Safely

While weed edibles can be a DIY home cooking (or baking) experiment, the best way to achieve consistent results is to use a commercially produced edible.

These benefit from more rigorous dosing that ensures a more evenly distributed cannabis product. The metric of the hour for edibles is THC; this is how the potency of an edible item is measured.

THC content can range from one milligram or less for microdosing to 500 milligrams in an intensely powerful macrodose. Most people will be on the much lower end—around 5 to 15mg.

Beginners should start with anywhere from 1 mg to 5mg of THC content for their first few edibles.

On the lower end, users are unlikely to experience any cognitive effects but may feel less anxious or sore; this is called a microdose. Closer to 5mg is when most infrequent or new hobbyists expect to feel a noticeable high.

Those who have been enjoying cannabis edibles for some time can likely enjoy items around 10mg. The effects of the edible become more prominent depending on the strain used in its creation, affecting sleep, pain, or energy.

If beginners attempt a 10mg edible, they may feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable, though this dose is not dangerous.

The range between 20 and 30mg is best suited for advanced users who are prepared to experience an intense high that may last for many hours.

Any dosage above this is meant primarily for those with severe medical issues, typically overseen by a doctor who assists patients with seeking medical marijuana treatment.

The symptoms of health challenges such as cancer may be managed more effectively at these higher macrodoses. However, they are not intended for recreational use and may cause adverse effects such as severe nausea or emotional instability.

What to Do If You Took Too Much

Always consume a smaller dose of an edible than you think you can handle when trying a new product. It can take multiple hours for the body to absorb the THC through the digestive system.

If you discover that your dosage was not ideal for you and you are experiencing a more intense high than you intended or unpleasant side effects, stay calm.

While cannabis edibles can create potent feelings and sensations, these will fade with time. Drink lots of water to assist the digestive tract in processing the edible and flushing the compounds from the body.

Lie down and rest; eat slowly if you feel hungry. Avoid greasy or heavy food, which may contribute to nausea.

As you wait for the high to recede, engaging in familiar activities—games you know well, favorite movies, or a playlist of songs you enjoy may be helpful.

The brain finds comfort in familiarity, which can help you to decompress and relax until the high subsides. If you believe that you are experiencing dangerous physical symptoms as a result of your edible consumption, seek medical advice.

An urgent care center is a good first stop, but if you feel that you cannot breathe or are experiencing severe heart palpitations, emergent medical help is available.

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Try Edibles and More from a Minority-Owned Dispensary

Edibles can be an exciting way to spice up your cannabis enjoyment. However, dosing them properly is key to a good experience.

The team at Pure Oasis is always happy to help you with dosing information, and we supply carefully and consistently dosed products so you can make an informed decision.

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