Cannabis Edibles Regulations


September 21, 2020

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are food products that have been infused with marijuana and serve as an alternative for people who prefer not to smoke. More precisely, these goods contain cannabinoids, which are active compounds found in cannabis plants. Common examples of cannabis edibles include gummies (and other candies), brownies, cookies and chocolates. Although edibles are typically consumed for recreational purposes, they can also sometimes be taken for medical reasons (e.g. chronic pain).

Regulations Regarding Edibles

Given the fact that cannabis is a psychoactive drug that induces certain mental effects, both federal and state governments have implemented several regulations regarding the production of edibles infused with marijuana. Although many of these regulations have been introduced for safety-related reasons, some of them are designed to avoid legal or business-related problems. Here is a close analysis of three specific regulations concerning edibles that you should understand.

Limitation Of THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the main cannabinoids contained in cannabis. This compound produces the “high” effect associated with marijuana products. Cannabidiol (CBD), another compound found in the plant, doesn’t induce a high but can be effective in alleviating anxiety and depression.

Currently, 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed cannabis-related legislation that makes marijuana with high levels of THC legal. However, if you plan to consume cannabis for medical purposes, a licensed physician typically must prescribe it. In Canada, for example, regulations limit the amount of THC contained in cannabis edibles to 10mg per discrete unit per package. These rules also forbid edibles that have been fortified with minerals or vitamins. Be sure to verify your state’s laws before consuming any type of cannabis edibles.

Prohibit Nicotine Or Alcohol As An Ingredient

Many state and federal governments, including Canada’s, prohibit the use of alcohol or nicotine as ingredients for cannabis products. One of the primary reasons behind this regulation relates to governments’ attempts to prevent cross-branding with alcohol-based, tobacco and vaping products (cigarettes, Juul pods, etc.). In certain states, there are also limits on the amount of caffeine contained in cannabis edibles.

Product Packaging Requirements

In addition to regulations concerning the compounds and ingredients found in cannabis edibles, there are also requirements regarding the packaging and labeling of these types of products. Many of these regulations dictate that product packaging must be “plain and child-resistant” and require all labels to clearly indicate that goods contain THC by using standardized cannabis symbols (e.g. “THC” and “CBD”). Health warnings, nutrition facts, expiration dates and indications of sources of allergens (if any) must also all be included on all product labels.

Producers are not permitted to add any information to labels on packages of cannabis edibles that may lead to association with a tobacco product or an alcoholic beverage. Producers are also prohibited from listing any type of unverified health benefit claims or nutrient content claims. In addition to limits on THC levels, there are also occasionally limitations imposed on the amount of caffeine contained in cannabis products.

Before consuming any cannabis edibles, always verify that all of these requirements have been met, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Take the time to regularly check your state’s specific regulations regarding this subject; these regulations may also potentially change as new forms of cannabis edibles are produced and sold in any market.

Speak To The Cannabis Edibles Experts

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The edibles we offer, which include chewables, chocolates and caramels, are infused into either canna-butter or canna-oil, while the liquid edibles contain drops of cannabis extracts or tinctures. The effects of cannabis edibles are both delayed and potent; be sure not to consume more than the recommended amount.

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