Can I Fly With Weed Out Of Boston?

November 26, 2020

So, weed is legal in Massachusetts, and it’s legal in a bunch of other states, too. Does that mean it’s cool to bring a zip of Gorilla Glue on your next flight out of Boston Logan? Can I fly with weed?

It’s a fair question and considering all the confusion surrounding each state’s cannabis laws and how they interact, it’s an important one to ask.
The answer, however, is a little complicated, and misunderstanding the laws regarding transporting recreational marijuana out of Boston can land you in a heap of trouble, so pay close attention before you go all Pablo Escobar and hop on that flight.

So, Can I Fly With Weed? 

Again, it’s complicated. There are no express rules about possessing marijuana at Boston Logan International Airport. You’re also allowed to possess up to one ounce, or five grams of concentrate, in any public place in Massachusetts. Provided you’re holding that amount or less, then you’re not breaking any state laws.

However, marijuana is still federally illegal, so any federal agency, such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), will consider possession of marijuana in any form to be a crime and therefore will refer you to state police if they were to find any on your person or in your luggage during a security check. The TSA, however, has stated that they do not look for marijuana in their searches.

Massachusetts State Police have stated that, if the amount you’re caught with is under the legal limit they, “will not seize it and, generally, will tell the possessor that unless the airline will allow them to carry it aboard the flight, they have to leave the screening area and dispose of the marijuana or give it to someone who is not flying and who can legally possess it.”

What About On The Plane?

This is the part where your vacation plans may get thwarted.
All planes are considered under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Federal Aviation Administration laws prohibit all marijuana from flights. If you’re caught in possession of anything with a THC content of above .3%, it will be viewed as possession of a schedule I substance in accordance with federal law.
In other words, sure it’s no big deal to take it to the airport, but you’re running the risk of criminal charges by bringing anything on the plane with you.

What If I’m Flying Somewhere Where Pot Is Also Legal?

All airports have different sets of rules regarding the possession of marijuana. Do your own due diligence if you plan on entering any of them with cannabis on you. Most of the airports in states that have legalized recreational pot have a similarly lax perspective about possession, but again it’s not the airports that matter, it’s the airplanes.  

So, Should I Fly With Weed? 

The conflicting state and federal laws have created a uniquely confusing situation when it comes to the possession of marijuana. You can bring weed to Boston Logan without much trouble, but when it comes to taking it on an airplane, however, the ruling is rather clear: it’s illegal.

Adults are free to make their own decisions, but if you’re worried about the feds coming after you, maybe it’d be better to stay home and go to Pure Oasis, your totally legal cannabis dispensary in Boston.

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