Beyond Brownies: Exploring the Diverse World of Weed Edibles

April 1, 2024

The first known instance of a weed edible that appears in an American cookbook came from the hands of Alice B. Toklas, whose 1954 work kicked off the growth of edibles in the United States despite the late 1930s ban on cannabis.

By the mid-1960s and ‘70s, pot brownies were the staple edible, having undergone a revolution nationwide. However, this wasn’t the origin of mixing cannabis with food—nor is it the only way to experience weed in this manner.

As early as 1,000 BCE, the Indian drink bhang was already demonstrating the potency and possibilities of cannabis-infused food and beverages. Throughout history, weed has been infused into much more than just brownies.

If you want to expand your horizons beyond the simple brownie and into the diverse world of weed edibles, consider trying other options.

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Types of Edibles

Yes, brownies are the poster child of the cannabis edible niche. This comes from Toklas’ cookbook’s influence and the recipe’s simplicity. However, there are plenty of other options for those venturing into edibles, including:

  • Gummies
  • Chews
  • Drinks
  • Hard candy
  • Mints
  • Caramels
  • Cooking oils
  • Butters
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Tinctures
  • Popcorn

These are just a few of the many potential types of foods and drinks that can contain cannabis. The only limit is your imagination!

Edible Dosing Considerations

When selecting the edible that’s right for you, consider the flavor and texture as well as the dosing. Some items, such as cookies, are more difficult to dose than others.

For beginners, the first step to proper dosing is understanding the composition of an edible. Most edibles will contain THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

New enjoyers should start with a dose of no more than 2.5mg of THC in a serving. Remember—if you buy an edible from a store, the dosage information refers to a serving, not the entire product! For instance, a serving of a chocolate bar may be a single square.

For more experienced cannabis enthusiasts, a dose between 10mg and 30mg is common. However, the right dose depends on what you want from the experience.

Smaller items such as mints, hard candies, and gummies will generally contain less THC than larger products such as brownies. However, this can provide greater control in dosage, so choose your items carefully.

Making Edibles at Home

Buying store-made products is not the only option for consuming weed edibles. You can also make them at home using tinctures or even flower. Be careful, though; when making homemade edibles, the dosage can be more challenging.

Depending on how you measure the original cannabis content, as well as how you mix or heat it, you may find that some of your edibles are more potent than others.

For instance, if you don’t mix your brownie batter thoroughly, one side of the brownie could contain a lot more cannabis than the rest.

Safety First

Whether you choose to opt for edibles from your local dispensary or make them at home, be sure to follow some basic safety rules. Edibles release their THC content into the digestive tract, which takes longer than other forms of consumption, such as smoking.

You may not feel the effects of an edible for multiple hours after eating it. Start small, and see where your tolerance is by consuming a low-dose portion and waiting a day. This can illuminate not only how powerful that dose is but also how quickly your body responds.

If you make a mistake in dosage (such as eating too much), don’t panic. You will be okay, but you may experience more intense effects than anticipated.

Drink water to help your body process and digest the edible, and snack on light, simple foods such as crackers until the THC has made its way through your system.

If you experience difficulty breathing, intense heart palpitations, or other concerning symptoms, do not be ashamed of seeking medical attention. Your safety is worth it!

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Try a Wide Range of Edibles at Your Local Dispensary

Whether this is your first foray into the world of weed edibles or you have tried every product you can find, the world of edibles is constantly expanding and diversifying.

The team at Pure Oasis is happy to help you explore the wide variety of weed edibles available so you can understand your options and how to dose correctly and safely.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to learn more about edibles and see what is available for you to try, whether you want something edible straight out of the package or a tincture for at-home cooking.

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