Best Weed Strains For Sleep

November 27, 2023

Some people take sleep for granted—they stretch out after a long day of work and doze off, eager to get rest. For others, falling asleep can be even more challenging than their work day as they toss and turn, unable to get their brain to calm down. This isn’t the fault of the sleepless person; most often, it’s all in how the brain’s receptors function.

Multiple weed strains can help these receptors change their behaviors so that sleep comes much more easily, and those who benefit from sleep in this way can often stay asleep longer, too. However, not all cannabis strains are a good choice for tackling insomnia.

Here is an overview of the best weed strains for sleep and how to select one that suits your specific challenges.

Why Indica Isn’t Always the Answer

When thinking about which types of cannabis could help with sleep, most people gravitate toward Indica varieties due to their typical relaxing properties.

However, while many Indica strains do just fine with helping people to calm down, it’s important not to neglect the contributions that Sativa and hybrid strains can make in this arena.

Research has been growing in this area, which shows that all types of cannabis (not just Indica) bind with brain receptors and encourage the brain to make more adenosine—that’s the compound that tells your body it’s time to sleep.

While Indica can be useful for suppressing the brain’s sense of arousal (wakefulness), Sativa compounds seem to be especially effective for people who face night terrors and sleep paralysis.

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Granddaddy Purps

One of the most popular strains on this list, Granddaddy Purple (also called GDP or Purple Kush), is an Indica strain with high THC content. As such, it’s best left to those with some experience in the cannabis hobby. It can produce an intense, full-body relaxation that loosens muscle tightness and is a sedative for those who have difficulty winding down.


Those who find sleep elusive because they face chronic pain, anxiety, or sleep apnea may benefit from the Mochi strain. It’s easy to enjoy for its sweet, lavender-like flavor that’s both creamy and fruity, and the effects come on quickly after a hit for maximum convenience.

However, be sure to start small with Mochi because it is one of the only cannabis strains in existence that contains high levels of both THC and CBD. Those who enjoy Mochi can expect deep relaxation on both a physical and mental level.

Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake strain (also called triangle mints) was created with powerful relaxation in mind. As an Indica-forward hybrid, it is effective for those with medical disorders that impact their sleep.

This could include illnesses that cause pain or medically diagnosed insomnia. As its name implies, Wedding Cake is fuzzy white and sweet, with hints of vanilla, such as a cake. This makes enjoying the strain a pleasant part of many people’s evening routine.

Northern Lights

The high THC content in Northern Lights makes it the top pick for many people who are suffering from sleep disorders. As a hybrid, Northern Lights can induce euphoric thoughts that relieve anxiety and boost the mood before sleep, while the Indica effects provide deep muscular relaxation. This strain is strong, so start small and build up to your desired effects.

Hindu Kush

Those who do not feel comfortable tackling some of the strains on this list with higher THC content can try Hindu Kush. This strain is available in varying THC levels, so people can select the intensity that suits their experience and sleep problems.

Hindu Kush smells similar to sandalwood, with earthy, sweet tones, and its smell is calming for many. The terpene composition of Hindu Kush is effective at gradually but effectively lulling users to sleep without deep-seated feelings of heavy relaxation, which may be unpleasant for some people.

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Also known as Larry Bird, the Gelato strain has been popular for years as a way to unwind with friends and relax after a hard day of work. The hybrid Sativa and Indica work together to induce relaxation and provide feelings of comfort, calmness, and warmth that encourage the body to slip into dozing gently.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with High-Quality Cannabis

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