7 Best Edibles In Massachusetts 2023

September 11, 2023

Enjoying cannabis is a highly personal hobby. Whether you prefer to smoke, try tinctures, or enjoy vapes, there is likely a form that suits your interest. For many people, edibles are their preferred method of enjoying marijuana products.

Massachusetts dispensaries have greatly expanded their edible offerings in recent years, and many companies have established themselves within the state as local purveyors of this niche of cannabis products.

Here is an overview of the best edibles in Massachusetts as of 2023, so you can visit your local dispensary and see if they have them in stock. You’ll be supporting local brands at the same time!

SunDrift Hard Candy

One of the biggest advantages of hard candies compared to other edibles such as brownies is that they act more quickly. Edibles can sometimes take a few hours to kick in, but for those who do not want to wait that long, the hard candies from SunDrift can do the trick.

At 5mg of THC per serving, these candies come in various classic flavors, such as butterscotch and cinnamon. SunDrift prides itself on making its edibles using the entire flower so those who try their candies can experience the full spectrum of each plant’s offerings.

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TheoryX Chocolate

Those who prefer chocolates to hard candies can try Theory Wellness’ chocolate bars. They come in various flavors, from a Crunch bar-like chocolate to a mint cookie chip experience. As an additional benefit, Theory Wellness carefully crafts its chocolate bars.

It marks the proper dosage, so you don’t have to worry about consuming more cannabis than you intend to. While each bar contains 100mg of THC, each piece is portioned into 5mg servings to give you full control over your experience.

Wicked Edibles Gummies

The Massachusetts-based team at Wicked Edibles offers two variants of gummies for those looking for a tangy, chewy mouthfeel with their edible cannabis. WE’s gummies contain just shy of 5mg of THC per serving and are available in sour citrus and sour tropical flavors.

The marijuana used to make these treats is a hybrid. You can enjoy the energizing and creative inspiration of a Sativa strain alongside the calm relaxation provided by Indica variants.

Byky Chocolate Treats

Those looking for a more refined treat should look into the bonbons offered by Byky. These delectable chocolate morsels are easy on the waistline at only 30 calories, and each contains 5mg of THC to ensure you have full control over dosage.

With various flavors, including mint chocolate, hazelnut espresso, and maple almond butter, everyone will surely find something that appeals to them.

Seasonings from BF

Bountiful Farms takes the production of edibles very seriously, and they have branched out beyond the standard chocolates, brownies, and candies. If you want to incorporate cannabis into larger meals, try their food seasonings.

Currently, they are offering a savory porcini mushroom seasoning that works well sprinkled on anything from meat to popcorn. They occasionally make other products, such as an infused barbecue sauce, available.

Ice Cream from Cloud Creamery

Those with good self-control who want a taste of something delicious can try the infused ice cream from Cloud Creamery. It can be hard to stop at just one serving because it’s so delicious. it comes in flavors ranging from chocolate truffle to pina colada and s’mores.

One of the most significant advantages of ice cream as a cannabis edible is that it goes very well with other items. Spooning out an appropriate serving of ice cream over a properly dosed brownie, you can savor double the edible goodness.

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Mocktails and Drinks

Those looking for beverages instead of food have plenty to choose from. First up is Coastal Infusions, produced by Alternative Therapies Group. These mocktails come in sweet flavorings such as watermelon margarita and are perfect for sweet-toothed enjoyers who want a drink.

Cantrip, on the other hand, offers infused seltzers that act quickly thanks to their specialized nano-emulsion method. From fun flavors such as root beer to more nuanced tastes such as lemon basil, these seltzers can pair with nearly any meal.

Try New Edibles from Your Local Dispensary

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever, and there are many edible products that you can only find within your Massachusetts neighborhood.

The team at Pure Oasis is proud to support our community partners by offering a wide range of edibles for you to try. Visit Pure Oasis to explore the extensive variety of edibles on the menu and see which ones sound the most delicious.

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