Unlocking the Benefits of Low-Dose THC Edibles

February 5, 2024

For many people, cannabis is a popular hobby due to its incorporation of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is what makes cannabis products psychoactive, producing the head or body high that people are seeking when they enjoy marijuana.

However, you don’t need to reach a high to appreciate the benefits of THC; in fact, even a low dose can have therapeutic benefits. THC edibles and other carefully curated products can be used to microdose or incorporate just a little bit of THC without the need for a full experience.

Let’s explore the concept of microdosing with THC edibles, discussing the potential benefits and how to incorporate small, controlled amounts of cannabis into your routine.

What Is Microdosing?

The process of microdosing entails using a much smaller amount of THC than would normally be consumed in a recreational dose. Often, this can mean anywhere from 1/5 to as small as 1/20 of a usual dose of THC.

Microdosing requires careful effort, as the amount of THC within a cannabis item can vary widely; thus, such dosing is often best left to professionals. Many dispensaries sell microdosed THC edibles to allow for accurate dosing during consumption.

Boston dispensary with cannabis flowers in jar on counter

The Benefits of Low-Dose THC

If you already enjoy cannabis products, why cut back on the experience? There are many reasons that people seek to microdose, including the ability to:

Curate Cannabis Effects

For some people, the intense effects of full-body relaxation or a euphoric head high are the entire purpose of partaking in THC products. However, not everyone wants to commit themselves to these concentrated experiences.

Whether because more intense THC exposure makes them uncomfortable or because they want to curate the experience they have with cannabis more carefully, many people choose to microdose instead.

Save Money

Whether a person chooses to microdose based on their own supply or purchases pre-dosed items, such as edibles, it tends to be more affordable than other types of consumption based solely on the amounts purchased.

Naturally, more cannabis will cost more money, and microdosing uses significantly less product than something such as a standard pre-roll or joint.

An ounce can go much further when a person is microdosing, enabling them to have access to the benefits of the THC experience for a lower long-term cost.

Incorporate THC into Daily Life

One of the most significant benefits for many people when microdosing THC, especially using edibles, is that they can incorporate cannabis use into their daily lives with minimal disruption.

Because they do not feel the more intense highs of a standard cannabis experience, such as smoking a joint, they are free to go about their daily lives without the substantial impact of these side effects.

Instead, microdosing can provide an increased sense of happiness, inspiration, and energy, or it can help to relieve pain, but it does not generate full-body sensations that make functioning in public difficult.

Additionally, there is no concern about bothering others with things such as smoke from a vape or the smell of cannabis. Edibles are easy to take anywhere, and you can even microdose your normal meals if you have access to appropriately and accurately dosed tinctures.

Reset THC Tolerance

Some people who have participated in the cannabis hobby for a long time have built up a tolerance to THC, requiring increasingly higher doses to feel the effects. Microdosing can help to lower the body’s tolerance to THC and increase its sensitivity, resulting in better experiences in the future.

Determining the Right Dose

Microdosing can be a useful way to reap many of the benefits of cannabis products without derailing your entire day to take a nap or navigate the unbridled excitement of a new idea. However, proper dosage is essential for this practice.

The correct dose for you will vary widely depending on everything from your body weight to your previous experience with cannabis. In general, between 1 and 2.5 mg of THC is a good place to start, and be sure to maintain this dose for multiple days.

Microdosing is achieved by taking the lowest amount that produces a noticeable effect. If 1mg produces the results you want, there is no need to increase the dose further. Give each dose at least four days before increasing.

cannabis gummies with hemp leaves from Boston Dispensary

Get Low-Dose THC Edibles from a Local Dispensary

Whether you are new to THC edibles or a seasoned cannabis veteran, microdosing can be a great way to incorporate marijuana products into your everyday life seamlessly. THC edibles can make consumption and dosage easy, and you’ll save money by using much less cannabis than the standard dose.

The team at Pure Oasis can help you explore THC edibles that are appropriate for microdosing and how to explore this niche of the cannabis hobby. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore the options available!

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