How To Store Cannabis Edibles

March 1, 2021

Cannabis edibles are among the many products that have become increasingly popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to a recent New York Times article. If you are new to cannabis-infused edibles, you likely have several questions about this subject. You may be wondering, “How are these products made?”, “How long do the effects induced by edibles last?”, and “How to store cannabis edibles?” The detailed answer to this last question typically depends on the type of product. However, there are certain storage rules that apply to all types of cannabis edibles. Here is a close look at the best ways to store edibles.

Best Storage Materials For Edibles

Under the correct conditions, cannabis-infused goods such as gummies, chocolate, brownies, and root beer may be stored for long periods of time. However, the exact amount of time for which your treats will stay fresh largely depends on the type of product and the storage method you choose. Here are four of the most popular ways of storing cannabis edibles:

  • Silicone containers: This material is perfect for short-term storage. Ideally, you should choose a container whose size is close to the amount of cannabis you wish to store in order to avoid moisture buildup.
  • Airtight containers: To make your edibles (or concentrates) stay fresh for several weeks, simply wrap them in parchment paper and seal them inside a Ziploc® bag. Then, place this in an airtight container.
  • Glass jars: You can use mason jars or other similar glass containers. For concentrates that are sticky, be sure to wrap them in parchment paper (aluminum foil or wax paper for edibles) before storing them.
  • Freezer: Many edibles and concentrates can be kept in the freezer for up to several months without losing their quality or flavor. Once you take your products out of the freezer, it’s recommended that you defrost them slowly, given that sudden temperature changes can impact the taste.

In general, edibles (and cannabis-infused cooking oils) can best be kept fresh in the fridge. This is especially true of those that contain sugar, oil, or flour. If you have purchased a cannabis edible product, you can check the “best before” date on the package label to get a sense of how long it will remain fresh. Cannabutter may be stored in the freezer or fridge in a glass container.

Additional Tips For Storing Cannabis Edibles

Here are some additional tips for keeping your edibles fresh:

  • Avoid clear containers; cannabis products should not receive any light.
  • Write the date of packaging on all edibles so you know how long you have stored them.
  • Always purchase edibles from renowned dispensaries. If you see cannabis that is not pre-packaged or if it comes in a plastic bag, it may not be fresh.

How Long Do Edibles Stay Fresh?

According to Scott Riefler, a top executive at the food product development company SōRSE Technology, cannabis edibles generally have a shelf life similar to their regular counterparts if cannabinoids are introduced correctly. Additionally, edibles that contain preservatives will typically last longer than those that don’t.

Signs That Edibles Have Gone Bad

If you’re unsure whether your edibles are still fresh, you can check for these signs that they have gone bad:

  • Discoloration
  • Buildup of mold and mildew
  • Loss or change in smell
  • Condensation droplets in container
  • Edibles feel rough, brittle, or dry

If you follow all of these recommendations, there’s no need to worry about your cannabis edibles losing their freshness. Be sure to speak to a cannabis expert for more information about this subject.

Speak To The Cannabis Edibles Experts

Reach out to the experts at Pure Oasis to learn more about the best methods for storing cannabis edibles. We are Boston’s first recreational marijuana dispensary and offer a user-friendly experience that includes staff who are extremely knowledgeable about all of our high-quality products. We carry several varieties of sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis flower, as well as pre-rolled joints, edibles, and concentrates.

If you are new to cannabis and/or prefer not to smoke, edibles are an excellent alternative. Our edibles — which include fruit-flavored chewables, chocolate, and root beer — are made using safe levels of THC, which is infused into either cannabutter or canna-oil for baked products. For liquid edibles, tinctures or drops of cannabis extracts are placed in the drinks. The effects of edibles have a more delayed reaction compared to joints; the “high” sensation may take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes to become apparent. In any case, we always recommend beginning with the lowest recommended dose.

Regardless of your specific interests, Pure Oasis will provide you with detailed recommendations on how to store your cannabis edibles. Call us today at (617) 420-6837 or contact us online for more information.

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