How Long Do Weed Cookies Last?

September 7, 2020

If you enjoy consuming marijuana but prefer to avoid smoking, then cookies and other edible goods may be a suitable alternative to try. When prepared properly, weed cookies can generate an equally relaxing sensation compared to cannabis in other forms, such as weed joints or vaping pens. However, these types of cookies only last a certain amount of time, therefore, it’s important to know how to keep them fresh.

Do Weed Cookies Go Stale?

As with any other food product, one notable indication of a weed cookie’s shelf life is the “best by” date on the package. You should also check to see if there is a separate expiration date, as this date reveals exactly when the cookies are no longer safe for consumption. If the cookies contain preservatives (sodium benzoate, benzene, calcium sorbate, etc.), they will likely be more durable than those that lack preservatives. Generally speaking, weed cookies can often last anywhere between three and six months.

Do They Lose Potency Over Time?

A science-based information resource, Marijuana FactCheck, reports that extracts of the drug, which are used in edibles, can contain an average of 50% THC (the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis) and sometimes up to 90%. According to marijuana experts, the potency of THC often degrades gradually over time; however, when it comes in an edible form, THC can maintain its power for approximately up to six months. Contrarily to THC, the cannabinoid CBD is significantly stable.

There are also other factors that typically impact a marijuana product’s degradation rate, such as the amount of oxygen contained in the edible and the type of environment it is stored in (basic or acidic).

How Do I Keep Them Fresh?

One of the most important things to remember regarding cookies and baked goods, in general, is that they must not be left exposed to air or they will easily go stale. Weed cookies are no different in this sense; they should only be stored in the pantry for a few (3 to 4) days and then move them to the fridge. If you don’t expect to consume the cookies for another few weeks or months, then the freezer is the best place for longer storage. As long as you keep cookies stored in an airtight container (Tupperware®, jar, etc.), there is no need to worry about them losing their freshness. Be sure to also keep in mind how frequently you go grocery shopping.

How Do I Choose Between Different Cookies?

In today’s world, consumers are often faced with dozens of options for the same type of food product making it difficult to choose. However, not all weed cookies are the same: they often have different nutritional values, guidelines for dosage amounts, and warnings for people with special dietary restrictions. After considering all of the health-related aspects of weed cookies, you can also base your final decision on flavor (i.e. sweet vs. salty), given that cookies can have many different tastes and consistencies.

As with any food product, be sure to consume weed cookies in moderation. If you don’t think you can realistically consume many cookies within a short time frame, you should probably either purchase them in small quantities or, if you buy in large amounts, store some of the cookies somewhere safe, such as the freezer, in order to keep them fresh.

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