How Long Do The Effects Of Cannabis Edibles Last?

August 10, 2020

Cannabis edibles are foods and drinks that have been baked or otherwise infused with cannabis/THC. They come in a range of varieties, including gummy edibles, chocolate, candy, cookies, brownies, beverages and more allowing you to pick whichever sounds best to you. Those who prefer to eat their cannabis as an edible will have the longest wait time, usually having to wait half an hour to an hour before they feel the “high” effects of cannabis edibles start.

This is because the THC is being absorbed into the bloodstream via the stomach rather than via the lungs, as with smoking, vaping and dabbing. However, edibles also last the longest amount of time, usually anywhere from 6-8 hours.

Factors Which Influence The Effects Of Cannabis Edibles

Compared to other methods for ingesting cannabis, edibles are notable for their high potency and levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although they take longer to set in, the psychoactive effects of edibles are more intense and last longer than other methods. While the effects of smoking or vaping will typically take a few minutes to set in and last for 1-3 hours, edibles typically need between 60-90 minutes to take effect, and can last from 6-8 hours.

The Type Of Cannabis Edible

The type of edible that you take will also affect the onset, length and duration of your experience. Edibles with a high THC content will obviously have a more potent effect. Always be sure to check the label of your edible to see how much THC you are consuming and what the recommended serving size is. Apart from the THC content, the form of the edible also matters.

Edibles like hard candy, lozenges and gum are quicker to take effect than others because they are absorbed through the mucus membranes in your mouth. Edibles like baked goods that travel to the stomach before being broken down by the liver take longer as it takes more time for your body to process them.

How Much Food Is In The User’s Stomach

It’s generally advised for edible consumers to eat a meal before taking an edible. This is because the effects of the edible will be much more potent on an empty stomach, hitting quicker and harder. Beginners especially should be sure to heed this advice as eating an edible on an empty stomach may make them feel uneasy or nauseous.

It’s important to eat beforehand instead of after consuming an edible. Eating a meal after consuming an edible can sometimes have the opposite of intended effect – actually increasing the potency of the cannabis that is already in your system. As is always the rule with edibles, start small and wait at least an hour or two before deciding to consume more. It’s much easier to increase dosage gradually than decrease it after the fact.

The User’s Metabolism Rate

Metabolizing cannabis increases the potency of the effects. Dispensary edibles are typically made with more advanced methods utilizing a cannabis distillate, such an odorless and flavorless oil, or cannabinoid crystals. In order to be effective, these ingredients will be infused into the edible by pairing them with a fat to bond to – butter or oil are most commonly used for this purpose. Cannabis butter or oil can also be made at home using ground flower instead of dispensary-grade distillates.

Because the cannabis is being digested and processed the same as regular food, your rate of metabolism can also have an effect on your experience. Consumers with high rates of metabolism are likely to feel the effects of cannabis edibles more quickly than those with low rates of metabolism. Similarly, the effects will have a shorter duration for consumers with a high metabolism, as the cannabis is processed and broken down by the body quicker.

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