Decoding Labels: What to Look for When Buying Weed Edibles

April 15, 2024

Both newcomers to the realm of cannabis and long-time enjoyers can all benefit from expanding their horizons and trying new things. Despite its popular image as something to be smoked, cannabis comes in a wide range of forms, and for some people, edibles are the preferred method of enjoyment.

However, understanding how to read the labels of any weed edibles you are considering can make this adventure feel overwhelming or confusing.

For the best experience, it’s smart to learn ahead of time what features are usually present on weed edible labels and what those elements mean. This way, you can make an informed decision that gets you the experience you want safely and effectively.

Here is how to decode labels at a dispensary and what to look for when buying weed edibles.

weed edible in the form of a marshmallow cereal bar from Boston dispensary

The Ingredients List

One of the first things any potential customer should consider when considering a cannabis product is its ingredient list. This should clarify not only what is contained in the product but also what role that item plays; things listed first are present in greater quantities than those listed last.

For people seeking a specific strain or ingredient to curate their experience, the ingredient list is the first thing to check out. Ingredient labels can also indicate problematic inclusions for people with sensitivities.

For instance, some vegans or gluten-intolerant people may not respond well to binders such as malt extract found in some edibles. The weed type and content are not the only factors contributing to choosing one brand or item over another.

The Dosing Instructions

In addition to understanding the basic ingredients of any product you consider putting into your body, review the edible dosage thoroughly. Typically, products will include a “potency analysis” section or something similar. This will break down the compounds within the edible so customers can make informed dosing decisions. Several elements to consider include:

  • THC – This is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis; it is what produces mind-altering influences. For some people, this is a good thing, as it can help to relieve pain, anxiety, and many other concerns. However, others may not want to dive into a fully psychoactive experience, so they may seek lower THC concentrations.
  • THCa – THCa is also THC, but it is not in a usable form. Some products may include remnant THCa as part of production, and unless it is heated, it will not produce the potent effects of THC.
  • CBD – This cannabinoid can provide body changes attributed to cannabis products without changing a person’s mental state.
  • TAC – The TAC, or total active cannabinoids, is a descriptor of all of the cannabinoids that can be found in a single product across all types of inclusions. This is important for users to consider, as elements such as THC or CBD may become more potent or work differently in the presence of other compounds.

The Serving Size

Cannabis edibles can be easy to consume—which may pose a problem if you don’t spend time reading the label about serving size. For instance, one of the most common mistakes that newcomers make is failing to understand that a cannabis brownie is not meant to be consumed all at once, the same as you might eat a normal brownie.

Be sure to carefully read the label to discover the serving size of the edible product you are purchasing. It should delineate how many pieces are meant to be consumed and how much THC, CBD, and more are present in each serving.

In many cases, products that contain multiple servings in a single unit (such as a brownie or chocolate bar) will come with portioning lines or marks to help you break the item down properly.

Always start slow; you can eat more edibles later but cannot get them out of your system once consumed. Edibles take longer (sometimes by a factor of hours) than other types of consumption, such as smoking.

Newcomers can start with something as minor as 5mg, while most frequent enjoyers will opt for something closer to 10mg or 15mg. Stay within your comfort zone; having a good experience is more important than trying to prove that you can handle a high dose.

marijuana edibles in women hand in Boston

Enjoy High-Quality Edibles From Your Local Dispensary

Weed edibles can be a fun and accessible way to incorporate cannabis into your life in a manner that is portable and, for many people, more pleasant than smoking.

However, reading the label of any product you are considering is essential to making a smart choice. The team at Pure Oasis can answer any questions you have about products and explain how to get the most out of a product’s label.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore our wide range of edibles and choose one that is ideal for you.

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